Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tackle Shop Etiquette

I mentioned way back in May, a Blog entry about tackle shop etiquette.By that I mean is there a way to dress and how to act,when you step foot into your local tackle emporium ?My local tackle shop is near the home of the Lawn Tennis Association.And the staff are superb,really friendly people.

But and it's a big but,do some people leave there brains at home when they go inside.When I was in this shop just before the start of the season,on a Sunday afternoon every one was dressed in camo clothing,ESP caps on and all macho posturing.Yes they were Carp anglers,all geezers!I was dressed in a polo shirt,jeans and a pair of suede loafers.As I was not going fishing just picking up some end tackle.

I listened out as you do and one lad was saying "Yeah I had a twenty from so and so last night,and lost a right lump".This water still holds onto the original close season dates.So the "Geezer",was either telling porkies or poaching ? I plump for the former to be honest.Another lad said a particular water in Surrey was a "Fucking out an out 30's factory".I nearly pissed myself to be honest,a 30's factory what next.

Anyway I was just picking up some bits and a lad about my age came along side me and said"Can't wait for the river season eh mate".I nodded and simply said yes.He then launched into a blow by blow account of what he had caught last season,and from where.He had a few 15lb Barbel from an area of the Lower Thames,in the winter.I replied"Everyone I seem to meet has had 15's from here,the river bed must be thick with them,so you can walk across from one side to another"Though I've never seen a proper picture.This is the best bit......He tapped his nose and said"You know it makes sense,bruv".I looked round for Del Boy I kid you not.

I don't need to go into tackle shops that much,except for end tackle.But a couple of weeks back,in I go on a Friday after work.Another mass of "Geezers" all "larging"it,talking bollocks.A bit like me on here to be true ;-0.I watched two grown men picking up armfuls of carp rigs,beads and other stuff.The best bit was when one said "What are these for" his mate replied "Don't know but Tel's using 'em so they must be good"So you buy stuff and you do not know what for ?

So is it me who has it all wrong ? Should I learn to dress accordingly when entering a tackle shop ?Should I get a semi lob on and swing it around ?Annoy people and generally be a "Geezer".I'm at a loss to describe how scared I am about going back in,when the need arises.

Monty D


  1. 'Arry Redknapp is a prime contender for a carp fishing "geezer."

  2. ...I avoid them shops. I tend to ebay me "end bits" (or 'hooks' as they are known).

    So often the staff are so bloody off-hand and condescending as well. Conyers in Blanford, still a bit of a proper tackle shop...

    A 30's factory? Jeez. Just what is the point for some of these guys? I really don't see why they do it.

    Back on the "R. Walker original rig" myself this weekend...

  3. ...btw were we not supposed to be going fishing at some point Mont?

  4. I often stand there Monty looking at the dazzling array of "stuff" on sale to the carp angler and quietly chuckle to myself.

    I did see in a carp angling catalogue buvvie slippers, in both green and cammo................ is it me?

  5. Monty why does this sort of thing still surprise you?

    Adopt the matra 'Namo Uvajjhâyanam' or 'I bow to the Teachers' - alternatively use the Barnsley Mantra which has served me well, 'The World's a Wanker.'

    You could try joining in just to see when the penny drops that you might be teasing just a tad.

    I go to an old fashioned tackle shop with modern gear which is manned by Yorkshire blokes who simply tell customers to stop talking bollocks, or rather just exclaim. 'Bollocks!' I consider the place to be my spiritual home. No nonsense there 'bruv'.


  6. Tupper of the Track5 October 2010 at 19:37

    Monty, when i was a young keen carp clone back in the day, i saw advertised in a mag a "Ritchie McDonald Walk-On Rod mat" made by ET Tackle. Now I didn't know what a walk on rod mat was, but by Christ if main man Ritchie designed it, then i was having one too.

    It came through the post, and when i unwrapped it it was just an oblong of nylon. Never again or since...

  7. Well, I couldn't resist this one'Monty'. As someone who actually runs a tackle shop, I can sympathise a tad and recognise a few of them "geezers". I can't help feeling you may have embelished a tiny bit, but I know where you're coming from...I will say two things on the subject....1) All that purchasing of the latest gear and all that gobbiness doesn't make one a good angler...but..2) it does make one a good customer ;-)

  8. Gent I think you are all way to grumpy.And Gurn,I promise you I did not embellish even a tiny thing.Those who know me,know I've been talking about this for ages.

    I've even spotted the phrase "30's Factory" on an angling forum. Anyway, discount for cash Mr.Shopkeeper ;-0.

    And now to work in the pissing rain.

  9. Nice one mate tell it as it is.

  10. Aaah the the carp thug. They hang around in dangerous looking groups in a Nottingham based tackle emporium I used to frequent; talking bollocks and snarling at anyone who doesnt 'fit in'. Come nightfall, they are all off to patrol 'their' lakes and ponds to make sure no outsiders try and fish for 'their' carp.

    "Nothing in 'ere mate", "I only fish it cos i'm a bit daft you know", "they'll fire yer car round 'ere mate", "they've all been nicked mate" etc.

    Rant over, as you were...

    Martin C

  11. joined a £500 quid a year syndicate once. Lasted 8 weeks. Some nice folk but the number of veiled insults/threats/condecending remarks/boorish incidents just got on my tits and apparently a black widow and 0.44" lead ball is not sporting or assault or soemthing.

    They do go right through a bivvie though, but you know fire boiles at me, why don't ya? Go for it.

    No, not kidding.

  12. Excuse please gent's.It's not an anti Carp Angler knocking session please.It's just the tackle shop I frequent is very Carp orientated,and it attracts some right meat heads.

    On that note I'm off fishing in a bit and it look's set to be dry.Hooraaayyyyyyyy.

    PS Gurn.Leighton Buzzard way ?

  13. Indeed Sir, I will be happy to give you assistance on all aspects of your angling needs and maybe point you in the right direction on my local Gt.Ouse and Ouzel should the need ever arise.'Tis true that many shops are Carp orientated and, of course, the reason behind this is that we all have to earn a living whilst competing with the internet and good old e-bay ..However, We genuinely do listen to our customers and have endevoured to meet their needs.

  14. Gurn,

    I do understand that a shop,any shop has to cater for it's market.Be that the butcher,the baker,the candle stick maker.You also serve a mate of mine and he sings your shops praises.

    And yes if your market is sea fishing,carp or match angling you aim that to your clientèle.Me I'm just taking the piss out of anglers and not the shop owners.But seldom use angling shops as I get my base mix on-line.Or have my rods made.That last line makes me look like a right flash cunt,but I'll live with that ;-0

    Be lucky.

    PS JAA behave ;-]

  15. I cant believe these tackle shop heroes take themselves seriously. My local shop is match orientated but I do buy a few pellets from there. Every time I go in I see the same faces dressed in their Halcon Hunts, or whatever it is matchmen wear these days, and overhear the same conversations about who bagged up on pasties at billy bunters pie shop during the last megabucks qualifier. If you're not one of the crowd it can be a bit intimidating. I feel sorry for the owner who has to listen to the same old bollocks day in day out in the hope that one day one these loosers might just buy a big ticket item.

    Thank god they leave the rivers alone these days.

  16. Rhyming slang "Halcon Hunts"?


    Tackleshop owning must be tricky with the competiton from the 'net, but truly, there's nothing stopping any tackle shop owner from also selling on the 'net as well. Why would'nt you?

  17. In answer to JAA "Why wouldn't you?"......We would ;-)...but...on the net you don't get to feel stuff in your hand,get sound,honest advice, local knowledge or a cup of tea and a chat.