Saturday, 23 October 2010

Slow Day

I think I made the wrong decision to fish for Barbel today to be honest,or am I just grossly inept ? Answers please to my good self at Yat Rock.I awoke early to hear the rain hammering into the windows.Went downstairs and it was heavier than I at first thought,it sounded like Topol was dancing on the conservatory roof,"If was a rich man,da doo da doo da day".

We arrived,that's the "Gruff" and I at the river a little after 07.00 to be met with clear sky's.Now I do not know about you ?But some times when you look at a river you think,this is a no go.Low and clear with untold leaf litter coming down like a great train of Oak,Elm and Chestnut trees snaking along.Gruff fished about a mile away from me as I think he was already pissed off with me muttering "Should of brought me Pike tackle".He reckons I'm am miserable sod ?:-( And that's from a man from Donnie who has been down here years!Get the 'sen back ya mardy bugger.

What can you do but try ? I selected two swims about 75 yards apart with good depth under the rod top.Little pools to be honest that dropped away after shallow water.Dropped some small paste balls and crumbled boiled baits into each swim and roamed between the two.

Alas not a tap or pull was apparent in either swim.The leaf litter needed knocking off on a regular basis.And the under water weed was after twenty minutes or so fowling the hook bait.Even with a hook length of around two feet and two float stops up the line to try and catch the debris."Gruff" had no joy either so at 13.00 we thought stuff it there is always another day.Did we quit to early ? Maybe we would have had some action if we fished into late afternoon and into dusk ? But sometimes a warm fire and a beer wins you over.Well it does me, but it does not make be a bad person does it ?

Still enjoyed being out though,as you always should.I can feel Stef Horak getting all indignant about anglers just enjoying "Being There".But If you looked like Stef,you would want to hide away on your own in the countryside and not interact with "normal folk".Plus points not another soul about apart from "Gruff" and I.What next week will bring angling wise god knows ?The weather looks to be so unsettled it's untrue,cold and minus temps for a few days.Then warm and rain with South Westerly's ? Still these things are sent to try us.Well for those who fish and do not sit on angling forums all day like a certain DAVE HALL.Sheesh the man is a fucking oracle,I said oracle OK ;-0

Enjoy your weekend.

Monty D


  1. Did you manage to enrol at "school" and is it Comprehensive or Grammar ?

  2. Hopefully the weather is turning and a warm spell is heading our way Monty

  3. C'mon Monts, let's have something a bit more Montroversial from yer.....