Thursday, 21 October 2010


Well Wayne Rooney has decided to throw in the towel at Manchester United.Plenty of reasons are floating about and it depends on what paper you read.But I honestly can't see the lad going abroad.

Can you imagine him,and his clan sipping a really nice Red in Madrid ? Eating some wonderful tapas late at night in Barcelona ? No I think not to be honest as It's an alien concept for the lad.Very few footballers from these shores have done well on the continent.Lineakar,Hughes,Acrhibald,the late Johnny Charles did well and integrated and enjoyed the wonderful things that were on offer.

Beckham,Rush(who apparently had tins of bake beans shipped over),Blisset and Barnes could not adapt.Me I would love the chance to live and work in Spain or Italy.The clothes and the way of life are wonderful.

So here is the lad giving a good cheerio to the masses that flock from Surrey to Old Trafford every week.

So where will he go ? It's either Man Citeh,as little Colleen loves the North West of England.Or will it be a Chelsea with his new best mate and all round good egg and great ambassador for the game John Terry ?If you see this lot around either ground in January,please take care.The Rooney clan are with you.

The whole premiership football thing now is mad.I've said it before I hope we go down this year.As when we were last down for a couple of years it was a great laugh both home and away.Talk to fans in the lower leagues,and they can see through the bullshit of the "Number One League" in the world.

Not had time to get on the bank this week.Saturday is around the corner and I'm not sure what to target yet ?Pike ? Perch ? Barbel ? And I must now offer my condolences to the Gruffalow who lost a large Barbel on a southern river today.Now "Gruff" has had them before to over 16lb,and he had a hook pull at the net today.As sorry as I am Gruff,but I cast my mind back to July when you laughed at me on the Hampshire Avon.

But fuck me as I type this he has just had a 12 plus.Well done mate you have now right screwed this blog up.And it was -1 down here for the last few nights.Good going and shame you lost the other one,that you say was much larger.:-)

Monty D


  1. Rooney, if he does not want to wear the shirt he should piss off somewhere else, at least Ronaldo gave 110% in every game after he decided to leave. Rooney made his mind up when he twisted his ankle at Beyern and he has not played a decent game since.

    Let him go to the blue scum, Terry and Cole will be great role models for him or got to City, win jack shit but get a great big pay cheque each week.

    Sorry Monty, rant over :):):)

  2. Apparently Ian Rush was seen wandering around Turin asking bemused passers by where the "chippy" was.Probably an urban myth,although i hope not.

  3. On Monday a lad at work bet me his house that Roooooneyyyy wouldnt leave Man U. He hasn't been in work for the last two days. Just sick as a parrot I think.
    He might be quite good in English terms but in world terms the lad is nowhere compared to many of the foreigners out there.


  4. Tom,

    Blue Scum ? You reside in Surrey do you not ? As bad as Biggun following Man Utd and coming from Hull.


  5. Supporting where you're from don't work when you're from Somerset Monty boy. My 'home' team Yeovil, despite reaching the lofty heights of the third tier, rarely excite me with big European nights.

    So, I'm a Man Utd supporter from a distance. Have been since '67 and don't care what people think :-p

    I think that Rooney is being poorly advised by his entourage and will regret playing elsewhere. But if he wants to go - let him. There's always someone else to wear the shirt.

    There's too much money in the game now and the Premiership is becoming boring. I agree with you that the Championship is the better league with more to play for.

  6. Well you all swalowed the bait the prostitute shagging arsehole was never leaveing!! Just more money every week was all he wanted when you are spending thousands on hookers every week you need a pay rise don't you!

    Bet the guy who bet rocca his house is larfing his bollocks off now, what did rocca bet against the house?

    Football is without doubt out of touch with the real world we live in, we all have to suffer to get the country back on its feet but not fotballers or bankers wankers the lot of them.

    Have a good weekend all.

  7. About turn!!

    Yeovil are still in a higher league than my hometown lot! We dont get european nights either!