Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chilli Mayo Sandwich Anyone ?

Phew nearly the weekend and I for one am glad for that.I'll have my Perch tackle ready for this weekend ,and I hope to be out and nab a couple of 3lb plus Perch.The conditions are looking good for it.But I had to chuckle a little while ago while looking down from Yat Rock.

Yep the BS forum goes t from strength to strength under the new totalitarian regime, that forbids anything but the party line being discussed on the forum..Join today for a half price membership and.......Discuss your favourite Sandwich,done about six years ago. Face book to attract new members of a certain age,and why not ?That would be fun to try and manage,Rich ;-0.

Banter about the X-Factor,discuss Strictly Dance My Way and only My Way Or Your Out.And a whole host of other non Barbel related topics.But hell why should I care I'm just one of this worlds piss takers.

But looking at the traffic over on the BS forum,I would wonder If I were a member what on earth was going on.Chuck into the mix the 13 dry nets at the Brasnford "fishin" the other week I would want to discuss that to be honest.And why that was ? Not a whole host of other bollocks,that mates like to talk about.

Still I'm not a member so it's none of my "Bees Wax".I just spotted it from Yat Rock,and to me it's bloody funny.;-)

PS.Mike Oz had a say though ;-)


  1. I hear Bransford will be going the same way as Beauchamp next season anyway Monty, at least Tref will be happy then.

  2. Rich Frampoodles posts are another reason for not rejoining. A total pratt!


  3. I've just been told and I quote "One of the biggest problems we have is that people do not know about this forum and that those that do are not in the BS and are mostly non renewals which,to be honest,we don't want.Time to move on".

    So for those that cared,or who had an opinion but who were not happy,you can Fuck off.We do not want anyone who queries the equilibrium of "our" little group.

    Ahh well and so to bed to dream the dreams on innocents.

    Sweet dream.

    Monty xxx

  4. Monty, someone better ask what charity will get the R/C funds as one is not designated in the constitution the only reference to this is one of the committees choosing "APPRENTLY" if or “WHEN” the BS collapses!
    I see old Fred is shouting the odds over on bobob’s blog his holiday can’t be much cop if he has to spend time on tinternet and frampoodle spends all his time on BFW!
    What’s this about Bransford? I know ole Tref was furious when they chopped down all the cover at a cost of “APPRENTLY” 16K.

    Good luck with the perching I will be off to Wolverhampton to watch the “ammers”

  5. I would not not about funds and fings like that,I am but a lowly serf.Bransford,well it did not fish to well or so I'm told ? thirteen dry nets or there about.

    As for football,as I told the BardofBridgenorth yesterday I can't be arsed to schlep all the way up there when I still feel rough.But I did offer to by Rich I pint if I did,but he declined as he is going away this weekend.Have a nice one old boy and try and stay off BFW ;-0

    Ahh well late,best get daaan the station.

  6. They should be discussing the new itv2 docudrama on the bs forum.Its called "The only way is Essex",how apt.....

  7. Mike Joyce,
    Old bob’s told you to keep off his blog and keep your digs to yourself, so why is it he keeps on mentioning you and the gang he presumes you are a part of every time he posts a new blog?
    If he really wanted you to keep away he could use the option of not allowing your posts to be seen, but I fear he really likes the hits he gets by allowing them to be seen there’s a word for that but I can’t think of it at this time (insert smiley face)

    Strange man, always the first to cast the stone and then moan when it is catapulted back, always the first to criticise the BS in the past now the first to defend the indefensible dictatorship it is!

    Now his best mates are Pope, Bonney and Frampton two of whom were his biggest detractors not so long ago. Funny what thirty pieces of silver or the need to be famous will do to some?

    He obviously needs the BS to promote himself, why else has he changed his views about a society that serves only Steve pope’s purpose.

  8. In reality it's really sad that the BS is in such a mess. I did manage with Pete to get Freds postings to be just sensible, informative ones "for a bit" I see he's back with rubbish again.

    Once the distinction between what "just" members could post on the site and what the Committee were allowed to, was decreed it was always going to lose more members.

    The latest Blog thing is just a joke I'm afraid, the best answer to a question about SW rivers being "Everyones on holiday at the moment"

    Despite the best efforts of the Organisers, the Junior section has pretty much collapsed over the past 3 years.

    There is time to save it under Pete, but not with all the present "favoured" incumbents.

    Maybe you should do some management change suggestions Monty

    1/ Jon Berry Magazine Editor, for a start.


  9. Not to worry, Graham Elliot will soon be back in the fold, more faces than a clock shop that man!

    The BS forum is like a dog with it bollocks cut off

  10. I've sat on the fence and watched the Barbel Society from a afar for a few years, never joined, and in it's present form I can't see that changing.

    However if it was lead by Pete Reading, and Jon Berry was involved....

    I'd definitely join. I guess the question to ask is...would anyone leave or not re-join if the above happened. If 'No' then they should make it happen as membership numbers would increase (by at least one anyway)


  11. it would be a lot more than 1!!!!


  12. Anonymous,you've hit the nail firmly on the head re:2bobs.He was a bs member many moons ago.If you look back in the archives he has a right ding dong on the forum,slagging all and sundry off.Now he's got a few dvds to flog at the bs show he's all over Steve Pope et al.He's always ranting about people syndicating parts of our rivers.Reading his blog one day i see he's advertising one of his river Wye guided trips,and on one of the days he's bragging about taking his punters to a "syndicated part of the Wye",shameless!

  13. I'm not sure Jon B would be remotely interested to be honest.To much on his plate,plus he is no longer a member.Oh and Jon do you always ignore the most pertinent of text messages :-(.

    When and If I would re-join ?Easy this,if we/the members could have a democratic vote on who runs the society.Sorry I have no malicious intent against the current chairman.I just think it's time for a change.

    Monty D

  14. Just caught up with the blog, Monty - hope you are well, you scamp, you.

    I won't be editing any mags for the BS, in spite of the groundswell of support from two people! My last issue was a mess; I forgot one article (sorry Ade K, again), lost a review from the main sponsor and put in a 'once-too-often' extract from an underwhelming barbel history book instead when the proofs came up three pages short. Seriously, the Barbel Fisher is better off in Fred's hands.

    Also, as you pointed out Monty, i'm no longer a member, and according to the Facebook thread on the BS site my sort are not wanted -(a) i'm a non-renewer, Rich F doesn't want them, and (b) I'm a bit of a floppy hatter, which Steve doesn't want in the new forward-thinking BS.

    That's fair enough, I'll find a niche somewhere.

    I don't mind though; two books out in the new year (one about ferox trout, the other a fishing travelogue)and another about to be commissioned, as well as three anthologies coming soon. It sure is busy in the angling wilderness.

    cheers all,

    Jon (Berry)

  15. When your ready Jon a free plug this end for some free books :-).

    Hope the Pike play on the broads this week ?