Sunday, 31 October 2010


If you are thinking of making your way to Yat Rock tonight with your begging bowl out ? To try and con me out of some money.And it's money and not "Candy" these folk want I bid you a very friendly piss 'orf.

Try the mob down the road,you know who I mean.The "Buy One Get One Free" group.Hell I've heard a few folk are out trying to canvass some future members now.And If that don't scare 'em,well not an awful lot will.Boooooooooo!

You have been warned.

Monty D


  1. Monty i did notice dear old fred was spooked enough to take his rant off his blog aimed at Graham Elliott.he was told he would be put in a witches bru if he did not behave.

  2. I have not got a clue to be honest as I seldom look at what Fred does.Did I miss something ?Or is it yet another load of old men having a pop at another group of old men ?

  3. its still there if you hunt for it,only two old men though the one called trolly dolly and dear old fred