Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Grab Your Pitchforks

I see the kind folk on Barbel Fatwa World are off and running again with the heard mentality of sheep.Baaaa.Four yes that is FOUR threads running on the topic of Otters and how they are killing all the ickle wickle Barbel.

Reading the utter shite they post,I'm sure they catch very little anyway as all they do is hammer away on their keyboard,over and over on the same subject matter.Lads for the love of Esox,stop getting so hot under the collar will you.They are here to stay if you like it or not.

The horse has bolted,the bird has flown the nest.This parrot is deceased,do you lot understand ?

I'm all for bringing Otter hunts back to be honest.As there are way to many of the little sods.But going red in the face on Fatwa world will do nothing what so ever.But hey it must be great that your a member of the most vibrant Barbel forum in the land?


Good day from Yat Rock.

Monty D


  1. I once wrote that the eel's best chance of surviving was that cute cuddly otters depended on them...however it seems the otter is alive and well and eating other fish, which is good.

    If mandatory return of rod-and-line caught eels is followed by a commerical fishing ban, then they've got a chance.

    More to the point, one of the first counter arguments used against the "antis" is that we, are at heart, the real nature lovers. Any suggestion that we cull otters so we can catch more fish is not really going to help that stance, is it lads at Barbelfairyland?

  2. JAA,

    I'll be honest I do think other factors have as much impact,if not more than the reintroduction of Otters.Crayfish are rife in so many rivers now.And maybe estrogen that finds it way into our water coursers,but that is way to a heavy for me to explain.

    But like it or not,if it was mother nature expanding the Otter population again,I do not perceive this as a problem.But a sudden explosion points to semi-tame Otters being introduced.If a river keeper or riparian owner was to take things into his own hands,to try and protect his fish stocks.I could understand this action.

    But I feel it's little to late.But posting on an angling forum,or is that a multiple "Fori" ;-).Is a waste of time,we have to live with it or do as we see fit.

  3. I see on another forum that a small lake around 20 miles from Redmire has had an otter kill and what will happen when they reach this fishery.Some people likened Adams Mill to Redmire a while back on variius forums but that is wrong in my eyes.I love nature but fishing as we know has changed for ever.But Remdmire will go the same way maybe but I do hope not.

  4. ...your points are valid, but I don't think publically talking about culling otters is going to help angling's cause.

    Signal Crays are a wake-up call to folk who keep wanting to introduce stuff we havn't have for 500 years.

    Otters are a totem animal for bunny huggers...like Pandas. Neither are the most deserving causes, but they pull in the punters.

  5. Anon,

    Not seen that on what angling forum ?


    We both agree on certain issues.But how are we perceived by the non angling public ? Mad ? A fool at one end ? Sure it will not do us any good to look like we agree with a "cull" of Otters.

    But when and yes it is a big IF,our rivers and lakes are decimated.And those that still choose to fish flock to fenced in commercial fisheries.Who will look after our water ways then ?

    I may be jumping the gun.But we face as anglers a torrid time in our pastime.Will the government look after us as we are a source of revenue ? I doubt that to be honest.

    Enough of this,it's time for supper,dinner,tea depends on where you come from ;-0


  6. You're missing the point Monty re FATWA world.

    Otters are on "my" river eating "my" fish, "my" bertie, "my" boris, "my" whiskers :-)

    What am I to do if all the berties are gone ?

    No more belonging to the best site on the web !
    No more being a honoured Senior member able to post one liners to get my post count up !
    No more inane,moronic questions about which rod rest etc !
    No more being able to spout my ill informed, un educated wisdom to the gullible newbies !

    What Monty what ?


  7. I think he means the Cemex forum. I shouldn't worry mate, as I reckon otters are around Redmire already.The brook that leaves Redmire enters the Garren, which enters the Wye. Otter central really....

  8. I may start a market on how long before they reach Redmire ? I did hear the great and the good of the angling world,had a meeting some weeks back with call me "Dave" at number 10.About certain issues involved in the Angling world.

    Doubt though anyone but an angler,really cares ? And with that I'm orf.

  9. Its tea up hear in Salop.......

    Supper is cheese on toast around 10pm.

    Dinner is lunch time......