Friday, 15 October 2010

Fridays Choon

I've not had one of these for the last few weeks,but hell I'm feeling as frisky as a young buck.As frisky as a 40 year old,bald and ever so slightly over weight young buck can be.A proper foot stomper and for those who can't dance ? Please just shuffle round the corners of the dance floor and leave it for us who can,if you can't "buss dat move".

Make the most of this weekends weather if you are on the bank,as it looks to be cooling down rapidly as from next week.So the first frosts may put most species down for a day or two ? As I said before I will be out trying for Perch or two.Not all day as their is a cracking race meeting from Newmarket on Channel Four in the afternoon and that is mostly the end of the flat season.Though I much prefer the jump meetings that are just gearing up.

I also fancy a silly double on Sundays football.Everton to beat Liverpool and Blackpool to beat Man Citeh.Only for some interest while I tidy up the garden Sunday afternoon and listen in on the wireless.So lads and lasses enjoy your weekend and if you are out on the bank.I hope you catch what your looking for ;-)

Being Friday as ever I'm off now for a cupla pints.No doubt to more derision and ridicule from various mates who just do not get this love of fishing.But hey it's only those with a brain who are blessed.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I did not have you down as a Northern Soul man Monty but it shows you should never judge a book by it's cover.Top tunes and happy days at the Wigan Casino.

  2. Great stuff Monty! Here's a couple of my favourites in a similar vein:

    They may be obvious choices but aren't they great tunes, especially the Al Wilson track.

    I actually played a gig at Wigan Casino, sadly not during it's golden years, but it still meant a lot to me. I just spent the morning trying to explain how good those who could 'buss dat move' were to my missus but I can't find any decent footage where the music is actually what the dancers were dancing to. I'll keep looking, see if you can find anything Monty.



  3. Anon and Conrad,

    Bit to young for the Wigan Casino,but know plenty who were.From the days of following England away and they all got dewy eyed over it.Top,top music though.