Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday Already

Well It's been an odd week really.I fished on a local river after work on Wednesday and had a couple of Chub.Not what I was after,but still nice to get the rod bent in the dry for a change.How these fish manage to get large bits of paste in there mouths is beyond my comprehension.Even when making the hair length longer and sitting on my hands they still eventually managed to try and drag the rod in.I will be out on Saturday on a different river,after a decent Chub or three.Tackle is all sorted and two loaves of that cheese bread and some paste are at the ready.Only if this "Man Flu",that many have been suffering from does not get any worse ? Hold off till Sunday please ya bugger.

Anyway it's been busy over on the Barbel Fatwa World forum.It's getting a little feisty bwoy.The Bard of Bridgenorth is going to war with a chap called Colin Gordon over so called captures of fish.The Bard ain't happy at all with the impostor,especially the issue of scales or not as the case may be ?

Dear old Titus has now been likened to Jesus,as that it's assumed he can walk on water.Say what you like about the old boy,no please don't.;-0Then we come to these to images below.If you ever pursue the various forums it will make good sense.




It is the main topic of conversation this week.Oh and chuck in another "What Rod Rest" thread and things go from strength to strength ;-).

Now onto a small world.This is for you Fred my old china.I bumped into someone you used to work with this week,when you lived in South East and worked at C&A.A chap called Brian Brewery,the story's he told me about you and the late Adrian Cissell.These are far to blue even for this blog.You old rouge Fred,I would never had guessed.He sends his regards though mate.I won't tease you to much you know what they say about men with beards ?

And some people have asked why I never appear on here,in photo shots.Easy this as I fish mostly alone,and travel light so shots on the mat are what I do.Even though I've only really started to take photo's to stick on this blog.As I've said before.The mind is a much more potent force for looking back in my eyes.But for those who wonder,here I am as a young lad.Gor blimey Guv,ain't he sweet ?

So there we are.If your out fishing this weekend have a wonderful time,the weather looks set to be lovely on Saturday.As ever it being Friday I'm off for a cupla pints.Not much as I'm "rushing" on Lemsip,I thought you took it up the nose and not with water.Silly me.

Monty D


  1. Don't talk to me about man flu Monty, bloody stuff!

  2. glad to see you've managed to keep the boyish good looks Monty.

    Anyway, with winter fast aproaching what thermal undercrackers would you recommend ?


  3. Tom,

    I'm feeling rough as a rough thing.But I shall "Man Up" don't you love that phrase,grrrrrrrrrr.And go out to the river in about an hour.;-0.


    I've not changed much in the ensuing years,still a little cherub.As for Undercrackers I would not know ? I go commando.Swim Wild,Hang Free.

  4. I knew it! Always thought you were a bit pearly.

    Just about thrown of the man flu, it's short lived fortuneately, Talisker with a spot of hot water helps. Mrs AA swears by it, sometimes drinks it even without a cold ;-)

    Nothing wrong with bread and spam for a day's fishing, you can catch most things on one or the other.

    Might go out myself...