Friday, 29 October 2010

The Exmoor Emperor

Well it's been quite a week in the press over the who shot the Emperor of Exmoor ? Or indeed has he been shot at all ?For what it's worth I think it was time the old boy was culled.For when a Stag get's past the age of eight he is passed his best.After this age his prime rutting days are over and his sperm count drops radically.He was also rutting with his daughters and grand daughters and that is no good for the gene pool.Yes it was a magnificent beast but time waits for no man as they say and a friend of mine helps out with a couple of local culls each year and it is needed.

But fear not their is another superb stag out in the wilderness this fine speciman below. Emperor Pope.

Now I'm sure a few people would like to see this mounted above there fireplace ?But this wily old stag has been at the game for a long while now and seldom breaks cover.He has seen off plenty of young bucks over the years who have tried to oust him and still he runs his own herd.And I'm sure he will for a few years yet ?

Anyone thinking of posting insipid comments do not bother,they will not get published It's just a bit of fun.But feel free to slate me if you want ;-)

Moving on.....I will be out on a river Pike fishing on Saturday.I stopped today in Morrison's and purchased a kilo or so of Sprats.I fancy trotting these down the river,on a single treble hook one on each point.These work well when held back in the flow us they flutter up well and hopefully induce a strike? I'll also take some mackerel and a couple of sardines to fish on the bottom.

Another bit of Northern Soul for Friday and this one is a classic and I hope my mate Pooh Bear enjoys it ?

That's it,Friday again and the weeks fly by.So as ever I'm now off for a cupla of pints.Hobgoblin I reckon as It's near Halloween.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Now that is a classic monty old man keep it going i love that old for the emperor Pope it looks good i wonder if he has the cock to match.

  2. Pooh bear says 'Pure Honey'

  3. Tanglefoot followed by a drop of Bishop's Finger for me tonight.
    That's a magnificent pair of antlers Monty. :-)

  4. Surely Al Wilsons's "The Snake" would have been more apt this week Monty.

  5. Le Otterman,

    Sterling work as ever maestro ;-)

  6. Can I just refer you gents to the following link:

    Look at the track list from yours truly in the comments. The snake has the best Northern Soul bass line ever!

  7. What a fuss over a deer legally shot by a licensed shooter. If animal welfare bothers you that much, picket a battery chicken farm, that's real cruelty.

    Oh no wait, that’s HARD WORK.

  8. Battery Chickens are needed.They feed the poor folk in the Northern waste lands.Long Live Intensive Farming.