Sunday, 3 October 2010

Autumn Cometh

Well we have had a fair dollop of rain down our way these last few days and nights.And if Metcheck is to be believed,this warm and wet weather is around for a couple of weeks now.All well and good if you are one of those anglers who only target Barbel.Less so for other anglers, who want the various rivers to fine down a bit and target other species that need a little more guile.:-)

Arrived today at first light and fished through until 13.00 hours.Rain,wind,branches whizzing about and the ubiquitous hag on a broomstick.That get every where eh ?I only had one bite and that was just after 10.30 and resulted in a small Barbel of around five or six pounds.No need to weigh fish of this stamp,though If your just starting out I can understand if you want to.I suppose in the long and distant passed I weighed more than my fair share.

As one would expect,Lot's of weed and leaf little coming down but the rivers do need a good flush through.From around 11.30 until when I packed up the river rose about six inches.So next week when the crap gets a good flush through and with more rain it should fish better.Bait today was a paste wrapped boilie for those who are interested in that kind of thing?.The photo at the top is the river around 10.00 today.

Also I did mention that I had backed Sarafina, on last Thursdays blog entry for The Arc today,an each way bet.A game run from the nag for third place and a tidy little profit of £50.00 quid for Monty.Better than a kick in the bollocks.

Oh and Liverpool, as I type this are 2-1 down at home to Blackpool.Cue hundreds of whining Scousers phoning Talk Sport in the next few days If things stay as they are.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Get the first "flush" out of the way Monty and things should settle down hopefuly.
    Looking forward to some Grayling and Perching again this year.


  2. Martin,

    Looks like Metcheck have it wrong as ever.Not to much rain this week after all ;-0