Sunday, 31 October 2010


If you are thinking of making your way to Yat Rock tonight with your begging bowl out ? To try and con me out of some money.And it's money and not "Candy" these folk want I bid you a very friendly piss 'orf.

Try the mob down the road,you know who I mean.The "Buy One Get One Free" group.Hell I've heard a few folk are out trying to canvass some future members now.And If that don't scare 'em,well not an awful lot will.Boooooooooo!

You have been warned.

Monty D

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Time To Say Goodbye ?

I'd been looking forward to today's Pike session all week.I sorted my tackle out on Thursday and tied a few new traces.Scaled down the amount of tackle I was going to take as I had a fair old walk ahead of me.

I arrived on the river just as it was getting light.A very damp morning with an awful lot of mist over the surrounding meadows.

And this view was about as good as it got to be honest.I was destroyed by Crayfish over and over.Now it seems that these little sods have had an absolute field day in the last two seasons and have spread on mass.Two seasons back you could have half a dozen Pike with the odd low double thrown in each session.And if the angling gods were kind the odd mid double.

Last winter was a chore for many anglers who fish for Pike,on their rivers.Owing to the amount of snow melt and cold rain that kept the rivers cold and coloured for so long ?So you put that down to experience.

This seasons Pike fishing thus far has been for me very trying.I'd not fished this particular river for a few weeks.But I reckon it is about a foot and a half down on normal Autumn/Winter levels.The normal depth is a consistent five feet or so with the obvious deep holes.So in essence I was fishing in around of three feet of water.

I trotted Sprats down about a foot above the bottom that has worked in the past.But the Crayfish still managed to intercept these.A bottom bait was a complete no go as the mackerel baits were stripped down very quickly.A paternoster was a no good also with the river being so low at present the Crayfish got hold of these too.

I was fine trotting a bait down shallow,but the Pike if they were feeding were not in the upper layers.As I covered over a mile of water but did not see any fry scatter once.I did see some nice Roach roll and a couple of small Carp on the top in the late Autumn sun.

The recruitment levels with the silver fish population are at present very good.So plenty of food for the Pike.So what do you do ? I'm not a fan of lure fishing as to me it's all about watching the float go.Like Barbel anglers who are so beloved with the "Three Foot Twitch"

Will some nice cold weather put the Crayfish down ? I do hope so to be honest,as I love this stretch of river as it has been good to me over the years.It's stunning to look at and be on.And you may only see one angler a season,so far this year I've seen just the one who was trotting.

But it does beg the question when is it time to say goodbye ?I'm now going to open a bottle of Red and think about what next Saturday will bring.I'm not ready to throw the towel in just yet.

Monty D

Friday, 29 October 2010

The Exmoor Emperor

Well it's been quite a week in the press over the who shot the Emperor of Exmoor ? Or indeed has he been shot at all ?For what it's worth I think it was time the old boy was culled.For when a Stag get's past the age of eight he is passed his best.After this age his prime rutting days are over and his sperm count drops radically.He was also rutting with his daughters and grand daughters and that is no good for the gene pool.Yes it was a magnificent beast but time waits for no man as they say and a friend of mine helps out with a couple of local culls each year and it is needed.

But fear not their is another superb stag out in the wilderness this fine speciman below. Emperor Pope.

Now I'm sure a few people would like to see this mounted above there fireplace ?But this wily old stag has been at the game for a long while now and seldom breaks cover.He has seen off plenty of young bucks over the years who have tried to oust him and still he runs his own herd.And I'm sure he will for a few years yet ?

Anyone thinking of posting insipid comments do not bother,they will not get published It's just a bit of fun.But feel free to slate me if you want ;-)

Moving on.....I will be out on a river Pike fishing on Saturday.I stopped today in Morrison's and purchased a kilo or so of Sprats.I fancy trotting these down the river,on a single treble hook one on each point.These work well when held back in the flow us they flutter up well and hopefully induce a strike? I'll also take some mackerel and a couple of sardines to fish on the bottom.

Another bit of Northern Soul for Friday and this one is a classic and I hope my mate Pooh Bear enjoys it ?

That's it,Friday again and the weeks fly by.So as ever I'm now off for a cupla of pints.Hobgoblin I reckon as It's near Halloween.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Warm 'Aint It

What is going on with this weather ? Sunday and Monday I woke to frost and clear sky's and the last two days are totally different.Warm and almost humid with a fair amount of rain yesterday and this morning.It's puts the fishing up in the air to be honest.

But I decided to leave work early today and grab a short two hour session on the river.Paste wrapped boiled baits as ever for me,can't stand the smell of Pellets and though they may catch me more fish ? I enjoy catching on bait I've made at myself.I arrived on the river at 16.30 and fished through until 19.00.

Picked a swim that has a deep undercut,with a willow tree at one end as it drops into a hole.No loose feed as such just a small PVA bag with crumbled bait.First put and within 20 minutes or so few taps then it slowed down.Changed to a longer hook length and a size ten hook and Wham"Bad boys stick together" the rod went round and had a nice Barbel of around 8lbs.That will do for me I thought "Tommy".Fish rested and back she went to grow into a double,Otters considered.

Next cast and straight away this little scamp of a Chub hooked itself.Now I'm not one for normally taking photographs of small fish,but it was pristine I thought why not.

I fished on but no more action into dark and being a school night I thought time to pack up and walked home,so here I am.Though I do know someone who has had a proper Barbel from the Royalty today,eh Tom ;-).

Now back to Chub.I love Chub but like many I want to catch them on "proper" tackle and not Barbel gear like I did today.A mate of mine,let's call him "Yessling Ying" has been having a torrid time on his local river,touch ledgering with Cheese Paste.And his is failing has reached my eyes here at Yat Rock.May I suggest you come into the 21'st century dear boy.

This Rig here.

Plus a paste made out of this,will see far more Chub on the bank.

I'm sure he will not mind this little prompt or two ?

So for me I'm pleased for a few short hours after work.It beats watching the box does it not ?

Monty D

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Slow Day

I think I made the wrong decision to fish for Barbel today to be honest,or am I just grossly inept ? Answers please to my good self at Yat Rock.I awoke early to hear the rain hammering into the windows.Went downstairs and it was heavier than I at first thought,it sounded like Topol was dancing on the conservatory roof,"If was a rich man,da doo da doo da day".

We arrived,that's the "Gruff" and I at the river a little after 07.00 to be met with clear sky's.Now I do not know about you ?But some times when you look at a river you think,this is a no go.Low and clear with untold leaf litter coming down like a great train of Oak,Elm and Chestnut trees snaking along.Gruff fished about a mile away from me as I think he was already pissed off with me muttering "Should of brought me Pike tackle".He reckons I'm am miserable sod ?:-( And that's from a man from Donnie who has been down here years!Get the 'sen back ya mardy bugger.

What can you do but try ? I selected two swims about 75 yards apart with good depth under the rod top.Little pools to be honest that dropped away after shallow water.Dropped some small paste balls and crumbled boiled baits into each swim and roamed between the two.

Alas not a tap or pull was apparent in either swim.The leaf litter needed knocking off on a regular basis.And the under water weed was after twenty minutes or so fowling the hook bait.Even with a hook length of around two feet and two float stops up the line to try and catch the debris."Gruff" had no joy either so at 13.00 we thought stuff it there is always another day.Did we quit to early ? Maybe we would have had some action if we fished into late afternoon and into dusk ? But sometimes a warm fire and a beer wins you over.Well it does me, but it does not make be a bad person does it ?

Still enjoyed being out though,as you always should.I can feel Stef Horak getting all indignant about anglers just enjoying "Being There".But If you looked like Stef,you would want to hide away on your own in the countryside and not interact with "normal folk".Plus points not another soul about apart from "Gruff" and I.What next week will bring angling wise god knows ?The weather looks to be so unsettled it's untrue,cold and minus temps for a few days.Then warm and rain with South Westerly's ? Still these things are sent to try us.Well for those who fish and do not sit on angling forums all day like a certain DAVE HALL.Sheesh the man is a fucking oracle,I said oracle OK ;-0

Enjoy your weekend.

Monty D

Friday, 22 October 2010

A Roo Turn

Monty Colleen heree babes I fought I wuld fank you for your blog entry yesterday that i showd to my Wayne.He was weally shocked that yu wuld care about us as footballs pre-eminent cuple.

He knew he was wrong yeah babes and me an me mam had him by the mam said to im "You little fecker you are not being a judas once was enough.You stay here so me and my babba and gran babba can still hang out at the arndale center".

And me dad yeah was gonna chin im....again.But it's all gravy now beacuse of you.if you are ever up this way i'll make you the best beans on toast in the cuntry.

Once again i hope you do not mind this email.

Love Colleen xxx

Nice touch that do you not think ? Anyway very little in the way of fishing this week as I've not been out.But it's not all about fishing is it ?My tackle is ready for the morning and I'll try for a Barbel or two as the weather has warmed up a little and with the rain due I hope the water temperature will continue to rise over night ?

So if your out on the bank this weekend I hope you enjoy your day,and catch the fish of your dreams.Being Friday as ever I'm now off for a cupla pints.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Well Wayne Rooney has decided to throw in the towel at Manchester United.Plenty of reasons are floating about and it depends on what paper you read.But I honestly can't see the lad going abroad.

Can you imagine him,and his clan sipping a really nice Red in Madrid ? Eating some wonderful tapas late at night in Barcelona ? No I think not to be honest as It's an alien concept for the lad.Very few footballers from these shores have done well on the continent.Lineakar,Hughes,Acrhibald,the late Johnny Charles did well and integrated and enjoyed the wonderful things that were on offer.

Beckham,Rush(who apparently had tins of bake beans shipped over),Blisset and Barnes could not adapt.Me I would love the chance to live and work in Spain or Italy.The clothes and the way of life are wonderful.

So here is the lad giving a good cheerio to the masses that flock from Surrey to Old Trafford every week.

So where will he go ? It's either Man Citeh,as little Colleen loves the North West of England.Or will it be a Chelsea with his new best mate and all round good egg and great ambassador for the game John Terry ?If you see this lot around either ground in January,please take care.The Rooney clan are with you.

The whole premiership football thing now is mad.I've said it before I hope we go down this year.As when we were last down for a couple of years it was a great laugh both home and away.Talk to fans in the lower leagues,and they can see through the bullshit of the "Number One League" in the world.

Not had time to get on the bank this week.Saturday is around the corner and I'm not sure what to target yet ?Pike ? Perch ? Barbel ? And I must now offer my condolences to the Gruffalow who lost a large Barbel on a southern river today.Now "Gruff" has had them before to over 16lb,and he had a hook pull at the net today.As sorry as I am Gruff,but I cast my mind back to July when you laughed at me on the Hampshire Avon.

But fuck me as I type this he has just had a 12 plus.Well done mate you have now right screwed this blog up.And it was -1 down here for the last few nights.Good going and shame you lost the other one,that you say was much larger.:-)

Monty D

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Grab Your Pitchforks

I see the kind folk on Barbel Fatwa World are off and running again with the heard mentality of sheep.Baaaa.Four yes that is FOUR threads running on the topic of Otters and how they are killing all the ickle wickle Barbel.

Reading the utter shite they post,I'm sure they catch very little anyway as all they do is hammer away on their keyboard,over and over on the same subject matter.Lads for the love of Esox,stop getting so hot under the collar will you.They are here to stay if you like it or not.

The horse has bolted,the bird has flown the nest.This parrot is deceased,do you lot understand ?

I'm all for bringing Otter hunts back to be honest.As there are way to many of the little sods.But going red in the face on Fatwa world will do nothing what so ever.But hey it must be great that your a member of the most vibrant Barbel forum in the land?


Good day from Yat Rock.

Monty D

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Large Perch ?

Not today I'm afraid campers.I arrived on the river just before it got light and had a mighty walk over hill and dale to get to an area I fancied.Never cast a line here before for Perch on this section of river.But a friend was Perch fishing,on what used to be a prolific Perch spot on Thursday.But got through 30 lob worms in two hours owing to the Crayfish problem.So I thought I would try another area and see what was about ?

I did not float fish due to the amount leaf litter coming down.So used a quiver tip and fished lob worms.Only two small Perch about 8 to 10 ounces.A couple of Chub about 3lbs or so.And this little whipper snapper who was hooked firmly in the scissors.

Highlight of the day ? Watching a Buzzard hunt across the fields.The shrill call they make as they soar above our little world to me is superb.If you do not know what a Buzzard call is like,you have missed out.I will be back in the week for another go hopefully for some large Perch.Not sure if they are in attendance ? But it is pretty Crayfish free,so for sanity's sake until the frosts I'll stick with here.

Now to some dark deeds.This photo is of someone a few of us know or a certain likeness I say.I tried to broker a peace deal yesterday between two folk who post on here.But It's a no go yet,as the stubborn Northern sods need there heads banging together.Kiss and make up please ;-)

Moving swiftly on.I've backed Deauvuille Flyer each way in the Cesarewitch that goes to post in about 5 minutes.So I must dash and put me feet up.Will it win ? Who knows ?

Monty D

Friday, 15 October 2010

Fridays Choon

I've not had one of these for the last few weeks,but hell I'm feeling as frisky as a young buck.As frisky as a 40 year old,bald and ever so slightly over weight young buck can be.A proper foot stomper and for those who can't dance ? Please just shuffle round the corners of the dance floor and leave it for us who can,if you can't "buss dat move".

Make the most of this weekends weather if you are on the bank,as it looks to be cooling down rapidly as from next week.So the first frosts may put most species down for a day or two ? As I said before I will be out trying for Perch or two.Not all day as their is a cracking race meeting from Newmarket on Channel Four in the afternoon and that is mostly the end of the flat season.Though I much prefer the jump meetings that are just gearing up.

I also fancy a silly double on Sundays football.Everton to beat Liverpool and Blackpool to beat Man Citeh.Only for some interest while I tidy up the garden Sunday afternoon and listen in on the wireless.So lads and lasses enjoy your weekend and if you are out on the bank.I hope you catch what your looking for ;-)

Being Friday as ever I'm off now for a cupla pints.No doubt to more derision and ridicule from various mates who just do not get this love of fishing.But hey it's only those with a brain who are blessed.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chilli Mayo Sandwich Anyone ?

Phew nearly the weekend and I for one am glad for that.I'll have my Perch tackle ready for this weekend ,and I hope to be out and nab a couple of 3lb plus Perch.The conditions are looking good for it.But I had to chuckle a little while ago while looking down from Yat Rock.

Yep the BS forum goes t from strength to strength under the new totalitarian regime, that forbids anything but the party line being discussed on the forum..Join today for a half price membership and.......Discuss your favourite Sandwich,done about six years ago. Face book to attract new members of a certain age,and why not ?That would be fun to try and manage,Rich ;-0.

Banter about the X-Factor,discuss Strictly Dance My Way and only My Way Or Your Out.And a whole host of other non Barbel related topics.But hell why should I care I'm just one of this worlds piss takers.

But looking at the traffic over on the BS forum,I would wonder If I were a member what on earth was going on.Chuck into the mix the 13 dry nets at the Brasnford "fishin" the other week I would want to discuss that to be honest.And why that was ? Not a whole host of other bollocks,that mates like to talk about.

Still I'm not a member so it's none of my "Bees Wax".I just spotted it from Yat Rock,and to me it's bloody funny.;-)

PS.Mike Oz had a say though ;-)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Can You Trust The Weatherman ?

Well can you ? All week the various news channels and weather websites have been promising an "Indian Summer" for this weekend.More so for Saturday and with this in mind I thought I would go out, even though the dreaded "Man Flu" is trying to give me a kicking.The thought of sitting by the river as opposed to sitting at home being grumpy and congested was a good thought.Utter cobblers as yesterday the sun never popped it's head through the low cloud once.A damp and and sullen day it was too.

I thought I would have a go for the large Chub,that inhabit this stretch of river.What do I class as a large Chub ? Over six pounds is what I was after,though they are rumoured to go nearer eight pounds.The largest I have ever seen on the bank was a 6.15lb(Very honest that) and indeed that was some six year ago.

Arrived at the river around 09.00 and fished through until 19.00.This particular beat had more anglers on it yesterday than I have seen all season.Perhaps the "Butterfly Anglers" were looking forward to a little late Autumn sun ? Hard luck all round I think.The river had a little more colour and push than I had hoped for.And after an hour fishing large crust baits,and the weed catching this up I opted to switch to paste baits.

I roamed around all day and regret it now.As I did not bother with a chair,I just sat on a mat or a damp river bank and my back feels like I've been pulled on a rack.And only one Chub came my way around 4lbs in weight I guess.I did miss a couple of bites with my slow reaction.As ever they came while eating or drinking.I'll be back for another go when it's gets a little colder.As undoubtedly some large Chub are in attendance and when the weed dies away the crust or liquidised bread method will come to the fore ?I did have the pleasure of chatting to Martin James for a while and he pulls no punches in his views of certain things in the angling world.Nice to hear someone speak his mind.At the end of the day when I got home I was shattered,getting to old maybe to walk about four miles up and down when you feel like death ?

A little photo from yesterday.It should have been beaming with the Sun about this time. Harrumph.

Now I do not really know what has kicked "off" over on the Fishing Magic Forum? But something must have ?I tend to look in at FM most Sundays.And I think some good stuff is posted to be honest and a lad called Peter Hayes recently published and article about catching "Big Chub on Boilies".I thought that was very good,even though I do not post on their or very few angling forums.I think it's fairly enjoyable as it's not just single species anglers,hence a more balanced view.I noticed Ron "The Hat" Clay has thrown his hat into the ring,and jacked.Never met Ron,doubt I will.But by Christ does he make me chuckle.Talk about getting a bite,the man excels at the "Forum Game".I'd have a pint with him any time.So for you lot who have had enough ? This is for you ;-0.

Enjoy your Sunday,I shall now take more Day Nurse and what ever else.And moan as only a man can do when ill.Good job we don't have to give birth!

Monty D

Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday Already

Well It's been an odd week really.I fished on a local river after work on Wednesday and had a couple of Chub.Not what I was after,but still nice to get the rod bent in the dry for a change.How these fish manage to get large bits of paste in there mouths is beyond my comprehension.Even when making the hair length longer and sitting on my hands they still eventually managed to try and drag the rod in.I will be out on Saturday on a different river,after a decent Chub or three.Tackle is all sorted and two loaves of that cheese bread and some paste are at the ready.Only if this "Man Flu",that many have been suffering from does not get any worse ? Hold off till Sunday please ya bugger.

Anyway it's been busy over on the Barbel Fatwa World forum.It's getting a little feisty bwoy.The Bard of Bridgenorth is going to war with a chap called Colin Gordon over so called captures of fish.The Bard ain't happy at all with the impostor,especially the issue of scales or not as the case may be ?

Dear old Titus has now been likened to Jesus,as that it's assumed he can walk on water.Say what you like about the old boy,no please don't.;-0Then we come to these to images below.If you ever pursue the various forums it will make good sense.




It is the main topic of conversation this week.Oh and chuck in another "What Rod Rest" thread and things go from strength to strength ;-).

Now onto a small world.This is for you Fred my old china.I bumped into someone you used to work with this week,when you lived in South East and worked at C&A.A chap called Brian Brewery,the story's he told me about you and the late Adrian Cissell.These are far to blue even for this blog.You old rouge Fred,I would never had guessed.He sends his regards though mate.I won't tease you to much you know what they say about men with beards ?

And some people have asked why I never appear on here,in photo shots.Easy this as I fish mostly alone,and travel light so shots on the mat are what I do.Even though I've only really started to take photo's to stick on this blog.As I've said before.The mind is a much more potent force for looking back in my eyes.But for those who wonder,here I am as a young lad.Gor blimey Guv,ain't he sweet ?

So there we are.If your out fishing this weekend have a wonderful time,the weather looks set to be lovely on Saturday.As ever it being Friday I'm off for a cupla pints.Not much as I'm "rushing" on Lemsip,I thought you took it up the nose and not with water.Silly me.

Monty D

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tackle Shop Etiquette

I mentioned way back in May, a Blog entry about tackle shop etiquette.By that I mean is there a way to dress and how to act,when you step foot into your local tackle emporium ?My local tackle shop is near the home of the Lawn Tennis Association.And the staff are superb,really friendly people.

But and it's a big but,do some people leave there brains at home when they go inside.When I was in this shop just before the start of the season,on a Sunday afternoon every one was dressed in camo clothing,ESP caps on and all macho posturing.Yes they were Carp anglers,all geezers!I was dressed in a polo shirt,jeans and a pair of suede loafers.As I was not going fishing just picking up some end tackle.

I listened out as you do and one lad was saying "Yeah I had a twenty from so and so last night,and lost a right lump".This water still holds onto the original close season dates.So the "Geezer",was either telling porkies or poaching ? I plump for the former to be honest.Another lad said a particular water in Surrey was a "Fucking out an out 30's factory".I nearly pissed myself to be honest,a 30's factory what next.

Anyway I was just picking up some bits and a lad about my age came along side me and said"Can't wait for the river season eh mate".I nodded and simply said yes.He then launched into a blow by blow account of what he had caught last season,and from where.He had a few 15lb Barbel from an area of the Lower Thames,in the winter.I replied"Everyone I seem to meet has had 15's from here,the river bed must be thick with them,so you can walk across from one side to another"Though I've never seen a proper picture.This is the best bit......He tapped his nose and said"You know it makes sense,bruv".I looked round for Del Boy I kid you not.

I don't need to go into tackle shops that much,except for end tackle.But a couple of weeks back,in I go on a Friday after work.Another mass of "Geezers" all "larging"it,talking bollocks.A bit like me on here to be true ;-0.I watched two grown men picking up armfuls of carp rigs,beads and other stuff.The best bit was when one said "What are these for" his mate replied "Don't know but Tel's using 'em so they must be good"So you buy stuff and you do not know what for ?

So is it me who has it all wrong ? Should I learn to dress accordingly when entering a tackle shop ?Should I get a semi lob on and swing it around ?Annoy people and generally be a "Geezer".I'm at a loss to describe how scared I am about going back in,when the need arises.

Monty D

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Autumn Cometh

Well we have had a fair dollop of rain down our way these last few days and nights.And if Metcheck is to be believed,this warm and wet weather is around for a couple of weeks now.All well and good if you are one of those anglers who only target Barbel.Less so for other anglers, who want the various rivers to fine down a bit and target other species that need a little more guile.:-)

Arrived today at first light and fished through until 13.00 hours.Rain,wind,branches whizzing about and the ubiquitous hag on a broomstick.That get every where eh ?I only had one bite and that was just after 10.30 and resulted in a small Barbel of around five or six pounds.No need to weigh fish of this stamp,though If your just starting out I can understand if you want to.I suppose in the long and distant passed I weighed more than my fair share.

As one would expect,Lot's of weed and leaf little coming down but the rivers do need a good flush through.From around 11.30 until when I packed up the river rose about six inches.So next week when the crap gets a good flush through and with more rain it should fish better.Bait today was a paste wrapped boilie for those who are interested in that kind of thing?.The photo at the top is the river around 10.00 today.

Also I did mention that I had backed Sarafina, on last Thursdays blog entry for The Arc today,an each way bet.A game run from the nag for third place and a tidy little profit of £50.00 quid for Monty.Better than a kick in the bollocks.

Oh and Liverpool, as I type this are 2-1 down at home to Blackpool.Cue hundreds of whining Scousers phoning Talk Sport in the next few days If things stay as they are.

Be Lucky

Monty D