Sunday, 19 September 2010

Yom Kippur The Pope And Perch

Our wonderful and ever cheer full looking manager Avram "I love a brass me " Grant, was absent from the Bittania Stadium yesterday,owing to it being the holy day in the Jewish calender.This marks the end of 10 days of penitence.And trust me Avram,my boy.You have a lot to be penitent about,so far in your career at Upton Park.We got our first point in a 1-1 draw.Not a bad game to be honest.And I suggest you stay away more often,if it helps the team.How would you want Avram on the touch line while you were trying to play ?Eek.Shame about the early kick off time as you can't get to have a proper drink,but hey ho.Wolves away will be my next match in October.

Now the Pope is soon to depart and go back to the Vatican.Alas he has not managed to add to his flock of around 540,down from 900.He came and tried his best.Offering Papal Packs of.......Dynamite Baits,Buck Fast and Fried Mars Bars for the Scottish contingent.In fact he was heard to remark to Bishop Bonney "We need one million Souls,to keep us afloat.And keep Bransford, and Farther Frampton is on the case here with an open day".He was also caught on camera.

Oh yes the Perch.I arrived at the river early today and it was lovely sunny morning with the mist rising off the river,so I took this quick photo as I made my way about two miles downstream.

It's why Autumn is so great in our country,to me any how.It had clouded over by around 08.00 however.

It was a hard struggle today, as I only had three Perch, each would have been around two pounds.I do not tend to weigh Perch unless they look to be three pound or over.The Crayfish today were very active indeed.Constantly dragging the float under and grabbing either a worm bait.Or the live Minnows I also used,yes they are a pain in the 'arris.But they are here to stay,so you have to work around this problem .Though I do hope the cold weather will soon put the sods down ?All the fish came to laying on.Though if the Kray fish do persist,it will need a bait a fair way off the bottom,to keep my sanity.Problem is the river does not lend it's self to trotting being very overgrown.

I did some how foul hook a Perch.Around 11.00 the float bobbed up,then move across the river.A strike met solid resistance,but the hook pulled very quickly.And the biggest Perch scale I've ever seen was on the hook.This fish would have been a big fat,Kray fish muncher.Gutted to foul hook such a fish.But can't wait to get back down there.I fished through to noon with no more action.I think and early swerve from work this week is in order,as I had to leave and get the Sunday dinner on ;-).I did manage to bolt back a pint of Old P,prior to getting home.Well It's Sunday,come on.

Oh and next weekend I've got the Bard of Bridgenorth and a mate of his coming down for the day, on another river.So that should be fun.Must remember to visit the pie shop nearby on route.

Enjoy Your Sunday.

Monty D


  1. My sweet Lord, Monty, that must've been some perch for you to estimate it "around 11.00" just from a huge scale!!!! What a crying shame about the 'ook pull, we could've been toasting a phenomenal new record wid' yer mate!

  2. Monty,
    I think you have the numbers wrong according to defrocked Archbishop Elliott it is more like 400 lost souls sailing in the doomed ship MS BS. Now I don’t believe much of what Ol' big head but I think he has things right regarding membership numbers. These 400 hundred souls should make sure there are enough life boats to go round when the ship finally sinks look what happened to the “TITANIC”!!
    Rest assured Captain Pugwash will not be doing a Captain Smith and going down with his ship, he will be the first into the lifeboat with his favourite disciples “Frampton and Bonney” well someone will have to do the rowing. I recon anyone thinking about bidding on any item in the fourth coming yearly auction would do well to think twice, rumour has it this will be the last year and the BS will fold in early 2011.

    The Hammers.
    As for our favourite team I personally thought they were lucky to come away with a point. Green has to go he makes more bad decisions than good ones. I recon they will be lucky to have 12 points by Xmas looking at the fixtures up till then!

    Get back down there and keep at em.

  3. Oz,

    Pedant ;-(


    Green is having a torrid time.But with a prick like Upson in front of you I can't blame him for being nervous.

  4. Not a bad result Monty, not many will get a result there.

    Pity the "popes" piousness doesn't extend to his clergy with good old Father Bonny and Verger Frampton spoiling the Trent charity thread over on bfw. Sad so very very sad.

    Perhaps "Steve" would care to comment on this type of behaviour whilst he visits here, or does he suffer from Wengers disease ?


  5. Dear "Martin"

    My visit here is at an end but before I leave I'll answer your query.

    The Trent thread was actually spoiled by someone who insinuated that the BS organised a fish-in on the same day to lets just say be awkward.
    That was never the case although some will not believe it, their problem, not ours.
    So you see you are incorrect in your premise as so often is the case when people opine on things they fail to comprehend.
    Sad, so very sad.

    If I'd known about Wengers disease I could have asked my uncle on Saturday to check it out, he is a best mate of Pat Rice who I imagine would be able to find out.
    Never mind.

    Off fishing now and for the forseeable future.

    If you are at all interested in that aspect of my life then check out the website.

    I wish you well, as I also wish Jason as I leave his site for now.

    All the best.

  6. Mr Bonney's moronic postings on various fishing forums across the internet since his elevation to the hierarchy of the BS was the main reason that after being in the BS since BF3 I came to the conclusion that enough was enough and decided this year not to renwew my BS membership!!
    It was not the only reason, the last three issues of Barbel Fisher I did not really read, just leafed through them to try and find an article that grabbed my attention and there were very few and I can't justify the money for a couple of magazines a year.
    In my humble opinion the damage done by Mr Bonney to the image of the BS is irreversible and will eventually signal the death knell for the BS!!



  7. Good old Fred,fighting the noble cause.A real warrior,you should be very proud my son.Never mind that charity fish in thread you trampled all over.The sooner we get more people like you in charge of our fishing organisations the better.You show a maturity and level headedness that others must surely dream of.....

  8. Agree with all Wazzy says.


  9. Also agree with wazzy.....
    BS maybe once a force, now definitely a farce.

  10. Retaliation rules.
    That is all I ever do

    The bald headed fat man used his thread on a charity fish-in, to once again have a pop at me.
    So I retaliated.
    As I've told the bald fat one and his band of Rocca minions before,leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.

    Perhaps if you had done an article Waz, then you would have found it interesting.
    After all it's a members magazine and members write in it. As they appear to be below your standard then they are better off without you as their fellow member..
    Golf anyone?

  11. I think Wazzy,at least posted in his own name.The other folk,poor efforts lads.As on the other threads at leastb try an inject some humour ? I do not want to ban the anons,as some of you are such shrinking violets,it's better behind a keyboard.


    Honest now and not a wind up.You do honestly even if speaking on your own behalf,cause the BS a lot of negative feed back.Just by being on the committe,you are judged by those outside,for the stuff you post.I could never sit on a committe,as I would let the side down,all ways.Do yourself a favour and "Chill" Winston ;-)

  12. Thanks for your advice mate.
    BUT, there are so few of these forum terrorists, that it hardly makes a difference I'm sure.
    Well it may do to the faint hearted, but in the end it's only fishing.
    It the same ones who for some reason, as you have infered, can't even write their own names. So they get treated with the contempt they deserve.
    It's funny how they are offended by such little matters.
    It does make I larf.
    Don't forget readers, I am not chained, as some may infer, and will retaliate.
    Water off a ducks back.
    I wont do it on here though, Jason.
    Oh yes
    I did do a chill for a bit, but thought if the bald fat bloke wants to bugger up his "charity" thread, I'll help him out.

    Retaliation Rules ;o)

  13. Mr Bonney,

    The comment below sums you up totally:-

    "After all it's a members magazine and members write in it. As they appear to be below your standard then they are better off without you as their fellow member.."

    The BS is probably better off without me, after all they are only losing my subscription, I certainly don't have the writing ability to contribute an article, apologies for that!!

    That is probably best left to talented writers, the likes of Tony Miles, Pete Reading, Steve Stayner or Steve Richardson for example.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, amongst the dwindling membership nowadays there isn't the quality of contributor to the magazine that there used to be, just a thought.

    I don't have a "Standard" as you allude to but I like well written thought provoking articles, not enough in the mag nowadays for my own personal liking.


    David Wass aka Wazzy

    Former Member 1270 I Think

  14. Fred,

    It may be just a "few" forum terroists .I'm going to blow my own trumpet no,not litterally.;-)

    This blog in the last month has had 7,377 page views.19,445 in total.So some people must be looking in ? Not just those that we know.But you do as you see fit.You,like me are your own man.


    I knew who your were ;-)

  15. Fancy that another Yorkshireman!!!

  16. Anonymous ...... sorry I mean Martin.DOGHHHHHH!!
    Posts up to your usual standard.
    Complete bollocks......maybe your a "Baggie"??? :)
    Sorry about that Jason......the fools a fool.

  17. Many people are looking in, it's got some good entertainment .
    I've been fishing all day but I must have looked in 4 times already tonight, going by those that have responded they have too.

    Can your statistics tell you how many are from Yorkshire, or it's environs ;o)

  18. Rich,

    Get you tiger grrrrrrr.


    No it can't.You should have the same function in your dashboard ? It's an EBloger tool.Not an add on.

  19. Fred,

    "Fancy that another Yorkshireman!!!"

    And your point is?

    Paranoia seems to be setting in!!



  20. Wazzy, there just seems to be a tendancy of a Yorkshire mafia lead thing,may be paronoia but just have a look.
    Not had the horses head ....yet, but the threats for not complying are there! ;o)

  21. Fred,

    Seems a rather tenuous link to me!!

    If it is a Yorkshire thing it's a whippet's head you need to watch out for!!



  22. Steve said:
    "The Trent thread was actually spoiled by someone who insinuated that the BS organised a fish-in on the same day to lets just say be awkward.
    That was never the case although some will not believe it, their problem, not ours."

    Just in case you do sneak back in.
    Not going to even consider entering into an argument here but need to correct that completely false statement,I didn't insinuate at all,I asked the question was it organised knowing my BFW charity day was running OR not,clearly it was not even considered which in my opinion is just as bad as it smacks of either an enormous ego or incompetance.
    For anyone driving a Skoda Labia 130 miles might seem like the end of the earth but to anyone in a normal car it's a short 2 hour hop so the distance between the 2 venues is irrelevant,most people would have checked before organising a competing event on the same day especially given the cause I'm supporting.
    Just for the record Steve my venue,run by me runs at an annual surplus with a waiting list,so if you ever decide you might need some advice on how to manage a club give me a call.
    Oh and by the way your bad manners won't stop me from being the perfect host for your 2 BS members arriving next week for their BS R&C auction prize which I donated but not ever been thanked for.
    Big Fat Bald Bloke.

  23. Have I arrived in a parallel BFW or BS?

    Fucking children!

  24. Fred,

    I think you may be looking at a conspiracy theory that isn't actually there.

    If it is a Yorkshire mafia thing it's the whippets head you need to be wary of!!



  25. oh Rich you do need to stop acting like a schoolgirl.


  26. Chaps,

    Sorry for being late on parade.I left work early and was on the river by 14.00.You know FISHING ;-).


    I heard you the first time.Welcome Big Bald Fat Bloke,oh an Le Otter man.That's why Barbel Fishing Aint Our World.;-0

  27. Wazzy, I say Wazzy, good to hear but.....

    There is also a fish-in on the Wye the same weekend Fat baldy one, did you check for that before you arranged yours?
    I bet you didn't,not as smart as you think.
    By the way all donors where thanked, did you
    want special treatment?

  28. Monty,

    Cocked up with the double post,back of the class for me!!



  29. Dearest Fred,
    Again you see your wrong,The Wye Norvern Fish-In is actually this coming weekend as it happens and the ones who are important to me are coming to both with one notable exception who has other pressing matters elsewhere.
    You won't think it as funny next year when you get zip auction promises to prop up your finances.
    Yours with love,
    Big Baldy Fat Bloke

  30. And that as they say is that.You have all had a say,made myself and others chuckle.No more on this blog entry please gent's.

    I'mm off to work now so be lucky.