Friday, 24 September 2010

Well It's Friday

As I've said elsewhere unfortunately the planned trip south for the Bard of Bridgenorth and his pal for Saturday,has been cancelled owing to the Gruffalow being called back north to Doncaster.Due to a family illness and needs and must an all that.Once again sorry gent's but another time.

So here I was today sitting upon Yat Rock,having my morning Espresso and looking through my binoculars.Could not see a damn thing as the mist hung low today.It was more like a scene from Rwanda,and I could imagine the spirit of Diane Fossy out their some place.

Anyway the local paper boy,Reece James delivered the weekly copy of the Yat Rock Yodeler.And while pursuing this fine work of literary genius, I came across an advertisement from the Rhly Sea Aquarium on the wonderful Welsh Coast.These fine people are looking for a diver to dress as a mermaid to hand feed the sharks.I have taken the liberty of sending this chaps CV off.

Fred It's yours if you want it ? You have always been good at swimming in shark infested waters.And you look stunning me old duck ;-)

Moving swiftly on.As the day out was cancelled I tried to get a ticket for us against Spurs tomorrow at Upton Park,but with no joy.So I've got the Pike gear sorted for the first trip of the season closer to home.Looking forward to that,but I had my mind set on a couple of large Berkshire Chub all week.So it's a little bit of an anticlimax.

If you are out on the river or lake this weekend wrap up warm and I hope you catch.If you are not and are at home ? May I suggest Film 4 at 15.05 and the film "This Happy Breed".A great piece of nostalgia in my eyes.As it's Friday as ever I'm now off for a cupla pints.

Enjoy your weekend Monty D.

PS As ever thank you to Le Otterman for the artwork ;-0


  1. No way would i swim with that thing!more faces than big ben.

  2. And it's all thanks to the Atkins Diet.
    I always knew I looked good in blue :O)

  3. Fred looks quite angelic in that bikini dont you think?


  4. Monty, on a clearer day you don't need binoculars to see the slowly creeping insidious mass of the Wye and Usk Foundation "taking over" stretches that were once fished by locals.

  5. Yessling,

    Can you not have a word with young Adam ? Or is he in cahoots ?