Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spotted Today From Yat Rock

A fleet of new luxury "Pope Mobil's",being driven at speed north, towards Scotland in readiness for his Holiness visit, to address the masses tomorrow.My Scotland correspondent,Hamish McClusky was in raptures as a motorcade of these fine automobiles swept past him.

He phoned the Yat Phone.Please read in a lovely Glaswegian burr.......

HC "Monty his really coming to the frozen north,the great one his Holiness"
MD "So I hear Hamish,so I hear!"
HC " I cannee believe it,really coming to teach us about his doctrine,what will he say,what will he do"
MD "I'm not sure Hamish old boy,but try not to get to excited"
HC "Pish man,I want to know how to bait with caster and hemp on a deep highland loch and how we may get more Barbel up here"
MD "As I say temper your excitement a little"
HC "Monty your an an agnostic,he will walk on water,heal the sick and denounce the Trent Carbellers,in fact I'm staying off the Buckie tonight for the first time in years.Oh and here is a close up of the Papal Carrier for you"
MD "Be lucky Hamish and be sure to let me know how it goes"
HC "Aye I will ya English bastard"

Monty D


  1. He'll never make it. That's a feckin' Land Rover Discovery! The Bard of BridgEnorth has one and he never, ever makes it to where he's going.

  2. So, if I've got this right, you fill it with water, chuck in a few barbel and then fish through the sun roof with two rods and bolty halibut pellets? Yeah? Am I right? Am I?

  3. JAA,

    In my best Marks and Spencer advert voice.......Not just any Halibut Pellet,but Dynamite Haibut Pellet ;-)

  4. That's a sexy voice, are you sure you're not
    A D-S?

  5. Ha,ha what car was the poodle in.

  6. The Committee, good and true.16 September 2010 at 06:37

    A puce (pewce ?) coloured Hillman Imp, we hear !

  7. He will be following along in one of these

  8. I gather they were set up for over 150,000 but have knocked it back to 75,000 and can't fill those seats. Hmmm? Where have we seen that before? ;-)

  9. Thank you my children, ALL are welcome in MY church.

  10. will there be william wallace (geddit ?) casting demo's at this papal event ?

  11. Reverend Ian Paisley.16 September 2010 at 16:30

    Monty, do you not know that steve pope is an anagram of PEVETSPOE which is Mongolian for Anti Christ, so it is.

  12. The mind simpley boggles at some of you lot.And people say I have issues ;-)

    Off out,be good now.

  13. Sorry forgot to say......

    Thank you to Le Otterman for the artwork ;-)

  14. Sorry deleted the last comment about the BS Junior Day.I'll have a piss take at certain people,myself included.But I actually think it a shame they don't have enough kids who want to go now..

  15. I agree about the junior day. Its a shame but if members are not rejoining then their kids wont be going to the juniors. Its symtomatic of the decline in membership.

    Democracy would see the numbers going back up!


  16. Shame if it is true about the kids day as when I was a member it was one of the few success storys.BUT as George says, it seems the whole thing is going down the pan.

    Yer need 3pts tommorrow Monty or the season is over before it's begun. Might do the Hammers some good though to drop down a division, re group, re finance then come back stronger :-)


  17. If I were still a member,I would offer to take the Farther and Son,out for a day on my bit of the Kennet.I'm sure someone will offer that though?

    As for West Ham,go down and not move to that poxy Stratford stadium ;-0

  18. Yes a real shame Monty. Was one of the success stories of the BS.

    Enjoyed being a tutor. Happy days.

  19. I could not have been a tutor.I would not have passed a CRB check.Notheing major just a few substances maybe I should not have been on my person from my past.