Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Had a few hours,well just over three on a Thames Trib yesterday after work and into the dark.Its seems to be a recurring thing at the moment,in that every time I'm out fishing it rains.I had a text off Yessling,just as I was putting the brolly up to let me know thankfully on his river,their were no people canoodling today,and that he had caught his first Wye double this season.Well in shag.

I only bought meat yesterday,not used it this season and I looked in the freezer and I was out of my home rolled boilies.Best get busy again when Mrs.Monty is not here,as she hates the smell of Butric Acid,can't think why ? Although I have not used pellets for the last few years as the smell,does my head in.Catch fish yes,but not for me at all.

Anyway It more or less pissed down from 17.00 until I packed away at 19.30,hate getting my tackle wet in midweek trips,as it means I then spend time at home drying it all off,before putting it away.Weekends no problem,I'll do it in the morning.

Had one small Barbel around 6lb,typical of this stretch at 18.30 and a little Chub,with eyes to big for it's belly.Bitten off more than It can chew I reckon.

Left my camera at home on charge,so you will have to make do with a cane rod photo.;-)

This has to be the most tedious and boring blog entry I've ever made,so with that I'm off to work.

Monty D

PS Came home to a very interesting invite,on the PC from a single species group.Who an earth would want me,in their merry band.?


  1. Did you take Treebeard, kidder ?

  2. Treebeard refused to go out in the rain,he said...."Kindly take me Perch fishing on Sunday and sully me not catching Barbus".So I took the Mark Tunley instead.

  3. So Mrs Mont not a chesse fan then? I think I'll give my LRH No 2 a waggle in France...

  4. JAA,

    No sir she does not.Tight lines in France mate ;-)

  5. I was told you almost forced your way in Monty.

    Guess what I bought today.

    Posted from borrowed laptop in nice Spanish bar, too hot to fish.

  6. "Guess what I bought today"

    A gaff in Spain so I'm told.;-)