Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pope Watch

Well the pontiff arrives in the UK,on Wednesday I'm led to believe ? Ready to preach the gospel according to St.Springstein,to the masses.So I'll try in the next couple of days to keep you abreast of what his Papal one is up to.

But for now a little help is needed,and no it's not what landing net,head torch or fecking chair.It as follows............A chap who post's on here was roaming about on the Wye,(Not Dave Burr)late on Sunday afternoon.He was about to drop into a favoured flood water peg,but was stopped by doing so,because of a young Pakistani couple in his words "Canoodling".He text and asked me what should he do ? Oh and he said "She's got a great pair of tits".I was eating my dinner so could not help,but maybe I can now if it happens in the future.

Do you.....

A.A gentle cough to let them know you are around ?

B.Slyly have a quick one of the wrist ?

C.Take a photo of said "Bristols" and sent to all your mates ?


D. Contact your local Imam,to arrange a so called honour killing ?

Any help guy's would be great.Off to work now so enjoy your Tuesday.

Monty D

PS Stop digging holes at Topcliff you naughty folk.Your fisherman not Badgers ;-)


  1. I see a certain ex BS Regional organiser has a new website!! See BFW. That should keep us all amused over the coming days.

    And who is Fat Fred?


  2. I did hear that their were threats of litigation,knocking about at the weekend.But someone I think may have jumped the gun ?Enough of this nonsense,work to do ;-0

  3. Good Morning Jason,

    I don't know about that German imposter but tonight I'm off to the Severn for a few hours on the Lower Severn. Tomorrow I'll be fishing there all day with a BS Auction winner, Thursday I'm likely to be busy on BS stuff, Friday I'm off to London and Saturday I'm near your old stamping ground, Woodford, not sure if that really counts as East London nowadays, well its where some who make a few bob usually end up.
    Saturday evening will involve a right old cockney knees up with some long lost relatives,and then its back home for Wye trips for features next week.
    Pretty busy these days and then preparation for the winter out in Sydney enjoying time on my daughters boat.................its a hard life.

    If you are really interested then check out my own blog, it may not be to everyone's taste because I do tend to talk about fishing mostly.

    All the very best,

    The real and one and only Popester xx

  4. Mont, you missed out:

    (E) catty hemp and corn over them from a safe distance until they notice and move. Commence fishing.

  5. Obviously getting round the country to see "the masses"

  6. Nudity on the Wye would seem to be a running theme Monty. Maybe there's something in the water?

    I think that C, B, A then D would be a good morning's work ;-) Although, if they are in your best swim, a quick "Oi, clear orf!" might be best option.

  7. It's like the TV innit? If you don't like it don't watch it...

  8. Dave,

    The nudity did actually happen.I'm sure when he gets home from work he will look in ?


    Don't bite mate,be like me calm and serene.As for me I'll be out after work on the river for a few hours,If i can get away from here by. 14.30.So play nice ;-0

  9. This image seems appropriate


    He's a tad dull but you know that the world wouldn't be the same without him.


  10. Fair play, nice tits and ass, 'er 'ad.

    First Wye dub of the season this arvo so I am indeed off for a hand shandy.

  11. I meant the frolicks bankside oh sensitive one :-)

  12. Bloody hell Monty you know you've arrived when you get a "visit" from a quarter of the BS committee. Pity one of them can't help himself from advertising his wares :-0

    Good luck in the Potteries, it'll be like visiting a Third World country :-)


  13. His royal supreme one....................... nah, toss pot!

    A D-S from the Conon.

  14. Martin,

    Have no fear about the Potteries,it's a walk in the park.If your ITK ;-)