Saturday, 25 September 2010


I had a short six hour session on the river today for Pike.My first Pike trip since March.Got on the river just as it got light and walked a fair way to where some nice Pike have put in an appearance before.I enjoy float fishing for Pike and tend to fish dead baits.I'll admit live baits seem to catch you more fish on rivers,but I can't really carry the extra gear to catch a few.Though I may be tempted into getting a little whip in the week.

Is there a finer sight in angling,than a Pike float when it wobbles,dips and bobs and then slides away ?Here is the float sitting just right on a near bank undercut.First cast of this Pike season.

I never had a sniff here,then thought why.It's normally later in the year that this area produces as the prey fish move into the deeper slower water.So after an hour I upped sticks and moved.I dropped into another near bank swim and lowered in a Mackerel tail and five minutes later the float done a little waltz and slid away.A little Jack was the culprit. I roamed around a few more swims and had another Jack of around 8 or 9lb.So only two small Pike to start and I think I will leave them a few weeks yet.As I've a problem to solve with my Perch fishing and bait robbing crayfish elsewhere.It looks a nice and warm in this picture but the breeze was a tad nippy though.Lovely over grown banks and the reason is that it's a long way from the nearest access point.Anglers as we know are lazy and an awful lot want to fall out the car and fish.As I enjoyed myself so much today I'm going out again on Sunday,but for Perch.Well Mrs.Monty needs to be by her mothers side,and no point staying home and looking at the four walls is there ?

Lastly and I know Conrad is nicking my loathing of the word Campaign to describe angling trips.Conrad your a ponce ;-)But if you really do need to describe your angling trips as thus.Please get your arse over to these boys and fall in,you know it makes sense bruv.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Monty, Monty, Monty (is that an abbreviation for Montgomery or Montmorency btw?),
    I despair of you, thought you were a sound hetrosexual......... now you have sewn the seeds of doubt.

    Please have a rethink and don't even go near the 'bondage' thing as well as the flagellation business............. whip indeed!! It's a bullwhip for you, young man, if there's any more deviant talk on here.

    Cardinal 'Immus

  2. bloody hell Monty, Champions League it is then :-)


  3. the caked crusader26 September 2010 at 07:25

    maybe he means a walnut whip ?

  4. I'm almost tempted to get the pike gear out...

  5. Mike,

    Please do not judge me buy your own standards ;-)


    Na I think not.


    I hate walnuts :-(


    Had a good time in France ?