Thursday, 30 September 2010

Own Up

Whom amongst you own one of these ?And call it Monty ?

I'll tell you why I'm a little perturbed.For the last three visits to the river I spent about four hours on yesterday it has pissed down with rain.I should have known better as it was raining when I left home,only lightly but it did not look good.By 18.00 hours it was a heavy.Then from around 18.30 to when I packed away just before 20.00 hours it was like a monsoon.It was truly awful to be honest,I've said before weekends no problem but on a school night fishing into dark like that is wretched.

Oh and I blanked too.Lot's of leaf litter had been knocked from the trees and an abundance of weed was coming down.I did not have the merest interest and I fancied the swim I was in to do a fish before I left.It has a good track record.I'll not say on here again when I'm next out as one of you sods have it in for me.Or maybe more than one ;-)

Anyway a big weekend of sport coming up.The Ryder Cup from Celtic Manor and it looks set to be a wet one.I'll be looking at a few spread bets in the morning but fancy Europe to win by around 2 to 4 points.Not huge bets just a little interest,I'll have it on the radio while on the river at the weekend(but lay off the voodoo doll please).As it's yet another sporting event on Sky,though I'll have it on in work on Friday.

Favourite Ryder Cup moment.For the softy's amongst us and that does include me.Darren Clarke's victory over Zach Johnson in 2006.Six weeks after his wife sadly passed away to cancer.Not a dry eye amongst the lads.And Faldo way back in 1995 against Curtis Strange and his fight back with two holes to go.Magic.

Also we have on Sunday the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.A cracking race meeting this and the start of the Autumn proper.I'll not forget See The Stars last year and the story of that animals carer.I've had a little bit of each way about Sarafina the other week at 10/1.It's now down to around 7/1.I'm not saying it will win but it should give you a run for your money.So Lot's to look forward too.

Enjoy your weekend,yep I know It's not Friday yet.But I'll be very busy tomorrow,so what ever you do,do it well.

Monty D


  1. Must be the same blokes that have it in for me Monty ;O)

    I used to make the trip over to Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe every year, great trip with the local WMC.
    I only ever bet on course though.

  2. ...and you Mont. I've got a cold coming on, so not sure I'll get out for a dingle in the leaves...

    Never "got" the appeal of the horses myself, but it'd be dull as a halibut boilie if we were all the same.

    Pip pip.

  3. Fred,

    Your the enemy,we have you at UP this weekend.Draw all over in my eyes,you have no strike force,we are still shite.Though It's kids for a quid,so hope it's a decent game.


    That is what you get fishing in France last week.Update your website mon brave ;-0

  4. Enjoy your weekend Monty old chap, i shall keep tabs on the Ryder Cup, i do hope the Tiger gets to play young Rory, that will be a match worth watching.

  5. If I were a betting man it would be for a draw to Monty.
    Too many injuries for goals, unless Dempsey pulls one of his specials out of the blue.