Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More Tube Strikes Please

Just a very quick one here,as I left work early today owing to the tube strikes,in our great Capital.I was on the river by 14.30 and away by 19.00 as I've left my radio at home and wanted to listen to "Wayne and the Pro's" play football.So the river was up a little,with a few bits of decaying weed coming down.One bite at 17.30 ish resulted in this fish......

It weighed in at just over 7lbs,thought it might go bigger.But on reflection it's fat but short,like who ;-) Sorry for the poor photo but it was such a tight swim I could barely sit down.You may wonder why I blog my angling trips so quick ? Easy I forget things so quickly if I wait until the next day.Nice to swap text messages with Mr.Pope and Mr.Frampton earlier about certain issues.As I say I'll let you know in due course ;-)

Now a serious matter.Last weekend a section on the Severn done an absolute lump of a Zander.I know when and where it came from and at what weight.And as such I've been inundated here at Yat Rock for info,a little help here and there and what bait etc,etc.This from guy's who reckon they know it all ?

So for you guy's here is a picture of the fish.I hope it helps ?

Fucking fish chasers,happy now ? Good work from my Hergest Ridge correspondent.

That's it till Friday.Be lucky.

Monty D


  1. Captain Tosspot-Smythe-Blofeld7 September 2010 at 20:22

    Very funny pic Monty. Bet if Damian Hurst drew it, some tasteless twat would be paying half a mill for it, what.

  2. Ah that fish - seem to recognise it - the dark patch near it's anal is a give away.
    Keep up the good news mon brave.

  3. Doesnt look over 8lb to me, funny as fook Monty.

  4. Montgomery you are a tease.

    A D-S, from the Almond.

  5. Monty, you crack me up! At least he was a 'real' floppy 'at angler!

    C'mon, light the wick, shine a light on the news, soon.

  6. Which hat is that?

    The B of Bnorth

  7. Sometimes Monty one good fish can make the whole trip.

    Nice Zander pic by the way. Are you sure it's a zander and not a pike, there's no spikey dorsal fin?

  8. Aye you are our source of hot news, this holding back is not becoming young sir.

  9. Bard,

    What hat ? This is not Barbel Fatwa World,ask the question there.

    As for the "hot" news.My man from Worcester,is away watching primates,in Rawanda until next week.So I need some more details.


    God knows I'm not the artist.Piss artist yes,art work no.

  10. Nice fish mate, superb colouring and well proportioned, i bet it fought like a demon.................... oh and yes, nice barbel as well

  11. Well, you said it Monty ;-)

  12. I bet the Angling Times publish your picture.

  13. that isnt a zander monty. youve been done you chump.

  14. I dear hear via the Yat phone yesterday,that man with big stick on Barbel Fatwa World,would like to get rid of.............Davhall,Colin Gordon and Paul Boot.Why you may ask ?Being terminal bores.

    I hope that was not to indiscrite ;-)

  15. For Christ's sake Monts, if you are gonna stir the shit then learn to spell - it's INDISCRETE my man.
    'You may say that Monty but I couldn't possibly comment.'
    Apologies to House of Cards
    Luv Ya,

  16. Gittus,

    With out a spell check,I'm fkd ;-)

  17. Anyway I was wrong - indiscreet it is.
    So much for my Secondary Modern School education....

  18. Monty,

    "What hat ? This is not Barbel Fatwa World,ask the question there".

    OR you could always mail a complete stranger....... remember these words from 05......

    "Afternoon Tony.It's just a quick mail from XXXXXX XXXXX from BFW concerning you're hat.Firstly I hope you don't mind this unsolicited e-mail?
    Secondly where did you get it?I really like it and I am looking to purchase one in the same vein.It needs to keep the rain off and give me some shade ect".

    Sound famillia Monty?

  19. Tony,

    See I grasped the Spanish Bull,by the horns.And went direct.Times goes quick eh mate ?Have a good trip.