Friday, 17 September 2010

A Look Back

I'm not really in the frame of mind today for a humorous blog entry,well in some eyes some of my stuff is.But not so within other peoples eyes.No problem on that front.Been thinking a lot the last couple of days about the past.What with "Baby Bakes" going away to university in the morning.I though have taken the cowards option of going to Stoke away,rather than accompany Mrs.Monty on the trip.Those who I spoke to this week,know full well I would have a little tear in my eye,that would set everyone one off.So I'll say my goodbyes later.

I've been thinking about how my fishing started.Now growing up as a kid in Hackney,we did not have a huge range of waters at out disposal.I started on the canals around my area.Not a soul in my family other than me has ever fished,in fact I used to look all the time at the tackle in the Little Woods catalogue where most of my mates and I, got our clothes from back in the late 70's and early 80's.In the end much pleading finally got me my first lot of tackle from Woolworth's in Harold Hill,where my Nan lived.Now I spent two whole seasons on the river Lea and various cuts without catching a fish.I did not have a clue.My float was shot incorrectly,hooks to large.Line to thick.But still I went week in week out on my "Jacks".Until one Saturday an old boy came along the toe path and showed me how to shot a float correctly.And that small bit off help set me off.That day I caught my first ever fish a Roach.The next Saturday I caught eight Perch,eight I kid you not.It left an indelible mark on my mind.To this day I still think of that old boy,and wonder who he was ?

That's why If ever I see kids on the river today and being honest I do not often,but I will always stop and try and help If need be.But adults today seem to want it all on a plate.Look at various forums and It's alive with people wanting to be put on fish.Where is the fun If someone tells you where a 14lb Barbel lives ? A large Perch,big old wily Pike.OK I may take the piss out of what Chair,Landing Net etc,etc.But that deserves it I think ?But surely the magic and fun of angling over the years is working it out for yourself ?Or am I wrong ?That's what keeps me going back over and over.It is the unknown to an extent.I turn cold If a fellow angler passes me and tells me so and so had an XYZ from here last week.I do not want to know.Not a rant just a generally feeling I've got today.That a huge amount of the fun is rapidly seeping away from our pastime ?Or is it all about "My Pricks Bigger Than Yours" ?As I've caught more,bigger,faster ?

Moving on....................As I say I'll be at Stoke away tomorrow and an early start for the 12.45 SKY FUCKING KICK OFF TIME!And Sunday I will be out after a few Perch on the river.If your out fishing have a good one.Or if your dropping the family "Baby" away at University,keep strong I feel your pain Brother or Brother'ess ;-).

It's Friday so I'm off for a cupla pints.Though I've stopped drinking this.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Good luck on the weekend mate on all fronts.

  2. How can you love a child who is not your flesh and blood.Fool!!

  3. Be lucky youself Monty, will be at La Morinais all week, no web access, wish me luck.

    You have a point, no one wants the mystery or to work for it. Which is odd 'cos if it's on a plate it's worth nothing however big it is, but it's still treated as worthy.

    On the up side, Samantha's promised to meet me for a day on the lake and she's bringing float fishing gear. She told me nothing gets her as excited as a couple of pink 18mm high proteins under a slowly rising 8" waggler, especially first thing in the morning.

    Pip pip!

  4. Tom and JAA enjoy your trips to where you are haeding.Not the same place,of course but tight lines.

    "Fool".No bite off me,It's not for everyone I'm sure.

  5. Dear Jason,

    It really is goodbye when your loved ones leave home for university, the end of a chapter in everyone's lives. When they return as they surely will, they will be unrecognisable from the one who left, mature, grown up, worldly wise and ready to face anything life throws at them and more than ready to stake their own claim.

    But, as long as you have laid the right foundations there's nothing to fret about, you will have a friend for life.

    Having been through this three times I'm talking with some degree of experience.

    So shed your tears, but be sure they are tears of happiness.

    Regarding the fishing and football I'll leave you with your own opinions and just say that you won't get this sort of stuff in Hyde Park this afternoon!

    All the best.

  6. Tears in your eyes as she goes? You wait till the begging phone calls start up mate. Having your wallet squeezed for three years will make you howl! :-)

  7. Steve,

    She went treking around Nambia for a month,aged 16 with her school.We had no contact for those four weeks.She came back more bossy than ever.She will cope It's us I fear for.Thankfully she went to a good private school that,made the "Ladys" well aware of waht to expect.But thank you.


    We have already got new mobile phones and moved house.;-)

    Right a quick shower then I'll take Mrs.Monty out for a meal.

  8. Dear Jason,

    Just where the feck is Nambia, somewhere near Soth Aria presumably ? Or is it a woodland enclave full of talking rabbits and small friendly elves and Gary the Unicorn ?

    PS Football, schmootball, see.

  9. Yessling,

    Rushing mate hence the poor spelling ;-)