Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy Monday

They come round quick do they not ? Well I'm not too down and despondent this Monday as we beat the Scum(Spurs) at Upton Park on Saturday.So getting into work and locking the scum fan in the cupboard will be a joy to do today.Love to see Will Golightly's "boat" though.;-0.

But if you need a chuckle or two ? Have a look at the "Touch Ledgering Thread" over on Barbel Fatwa World.As ever,anyone who is anyone is mostly talking bollocks.How do they maintain such a high standard of self important shite,day after day.Week after week.One in particular who goes by the name of Colin,drones on and on in the most "stuck up his own arse" style.So Colin this is for you my friend,take it home and stroke it lovingly.


Chin up folks it will soon be the weekend again.;-)

Monty D


  1. Ahh yes young Colin what a prince amongst the internet men folk.Sees all and comments on all but knows fook all.

  2. Another anonymous who thinks he knows fook all

  3. It's way over my head, I just got my Hexagraph Carp 2lb t/c in the post. Yummy, need a carp now.

  4. For what Mont? Caught two carp on floating crust on Jan 1st last year...