Friday, 10 September 2010


A big weekend coming up in the Barbel world,well the Barbel Society world anyhow.As mentioned last month they have a meeting of the great and the good tomorrow,to thrash a few things out.

Alas the "mystery guest",has had a knock back.Apparently two of the current committee resented him being their, to offer an alternative view.One reason is that he is a lapsed member,the other is that he was indiscreet(happy now Bob),in mentioning it and that it ended up on this blog.Well you two who ever you are ;-),he did not mention it to me.Another chap did.Anyway the "mystery guest" shall now be walking the Malvern Hills,with his young "Skief".Lucky escape old chap.Not all the committee shall be in attendance,as some will be away on a little soiree with others BS folk,no doubt having a good old natter.I hope though Mr.Frampton starts as he means to go on.Good luck Rich,I think you may need it.

This song is for you,mate.Mystery Guest,not you Rich.I'll do a dedication another time.

Also my lot will be at home to Chelsea,and I can't see further than a loss of 3 or 4 nil.I'll be at Stoke away next weekend the 18th,for a good day out.Such a welcoming place is the Potteries,when you visit for football.

I shall instead be on the river.I did want to have a go for a few Roach on proper tackle,but it looks set to piss down on Saturday.So I shall be stuck under a brolly,hoping for a Barbel or two.In truth I'm a little bored with Barbel now.But trotting a float in the pissing rain is not my idea of fun.In fact my Biggleswade correspondent said in the week"I don't know If I'll cast a line for Barbel this season,the whole scene gets on my nerves now"And he has a point I think and I'll come back to this another time.

That's about it.As ever it being Friday I'm off for a cupla pints.So enjoy your weekend and I hope you catch.

Monty D

PS Happy Eid to all my Islamic readers,such nice and misunderstood folk.


  1. If you're off to Stoke make sure to pack a sledgehammer a cause a few improvements up there.

    It's grim oop norf.

  2. Captain Beefheart.The only man i know who likes him is jon berry and if he was the mystery guest you are way to good to get involved again.lucy escape if you ask me.

    another ex member.

  3. Bonjour Le Otter man,I'll take heed of what you say.


    Actually a few like Mr.Beefheart and his drug addled ways.Was it Guido Berry ? I'll claim the fith on this I think.;-0

  4. I see they got shot of Elliot although he recons he resigned look at his signature cheating shite was fishing with the mole a right pair

  5. Berry must have a book coming out

  6. Morning Fred I would assume,seeing as you were online elsewhere ;-0

  7. Oh and the use of surnames only.That's a favourite of yours ;-).Righto I'm off for a run now,honest one has to keep fit.

    Play nice xx

  8. Morning J.

    I was online and up dating the BS Blog and read your Blog as usual, but I'm a reformed character, I no longer take feed off the animals!!

  9. Not certain if my other one come out J, but I know there are two t's in Elliott,an extra one for taker ;o)
    I do use surnames, but only for those that I have no respect for.
    Have a good pint, or two.

  10. A run!!!!!! OMG

    Hope you enjoyed the pint my friend, and the lezo's.....


  11. Nope all present and correct Fred,came back and went out for a huge breakfast,that I took a photo off to send to Biggun,as he is still on a diet.If you say the annons,are not you.Then who am I to doubt that ?


    Yep being running again for a few months now mate.Only way I can get over the common and woods,and not be accousted now the dog's gone.Yep had three swift pints,and the story of the lezo's.Well that can wait ;-)

  12. Fred, just emailed you on your BS magazine email. Lots of love, 'Berry'.

    Monty, can't believe you're a jogger. Or is that a typo, you muddling up 'j' and 'd' again?

  13. Try not to judge me,by your obvious low moral standards please Jon ;-)

  14. JB, returned the courtesy, your love message is reciprocated

  15. Fred,

    Not sure If you are aware ? But you have been following your own blog for a while now ;-0.

    Happy Monday.

  16. I know J,that's the trouble with running two, I post on the wrong one at times too.
    Having trouble deleting off the followers list, but I'll have another look.

  17. Monty. Freds anonymous now because he has been muzzled by the BS according to what Pete Reading told me on Saturday. Pity its a year too late............

    Of course he didn't want your mate. Look at the quality of his blog. (no one else does, only SP commented for the last 2 months!)

    Do you really think that bloke (who can't even spell on his own blog) really wants anyone who actually is innovative and a proper wordsmith anywhere near the editorship of the BFisher?

    The publishers do it all at the moment. FACT,

  18. Actually I like Ice Cream for Crow by Beefheart. John Peel used to play a lot of Beefheart when I was trying to be a punk after the event :)

    Some right old cobblers flying about at the moment Monty. Old blokes with their old ways eh?


  19. Cheers for the namecheck, X ! ;)

  20. I've done it J, thanks for the prompt.