Thursday, 2 September 2010

Few Words For A Change

Not a rant or a sermon tonight.Fished today and it was a chilly start that greeted me, upon my arrival at the river.

But the day soon warmed up and gave me a good catch of Roach,this one being the largest.Fairly pleased for the start of my Autumn angling for Roach,notice I did not say "Campaign" please gent's.Already I've noticed angling forums where anglers are getting ready to start their Pike "Campaign".Yes you the Bards mate,you know I mean you.

Who needs pesky Barbel,when these are about ? Roach Head Society anyone ? No egos,no wrong'uns and sycophants.No political agenda,just real anglers for real fish ;-)

Monty D


  1. Very nice mate, they are lovely fish the roach.

    I have a day off on Sunday and i am off pike fishing.................. cant wait.

  2. Very nice fish mate.

    Meant to say yesterday...

    Known as Tiger Lil from Shooters Hill,
    Mostly she lived on her wits,
    But if she was starving,
    For thruppence two farthing,
    She'd willingly show you her wares.
    (Apologies to Allegra Dalrymple-Smythe)

  3. The grand Fromage3 September 2010 at 07:31


  4. Bard,

    Way to small for the Pike baits I use I'm afraid mate.;-)

    Well It's Friday and at the behest of JAA,I'm off down the pub for a pint or two.A good weekend to you gent's.

    Monty D

  5. JAA, i am afraid you may have the wrong impression of me, please do not judge my by your own obviously low standards of woman!

    I too fish Montgomery, the Alness will be my home for the next few weeks, wish me well.

    A D-S

  6. The Alness ? Now I only know one person who fishes that.He also wrote a chapter about it in the book Caught By The River A Collection of Words on Water.

    By this place is far to low brow,for Jon "Guido" Berry,is it not ? ;-0

    Now I must come clean........The Roach I caught were not caught by design.They all hung themselves on Barbel gear.I could not get away from them.So they do not count as I was not fishing for them.Yep you can now text me words like wanker,coont,toss pot etc,etc.You must no by now lads I love a wind up ;-)

    I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.Perhaps other people may follow suit and confess to their sins ?

  7. Ok, ok, i confess.................. i am addicted to Jaffa Cakes!

  8. A D-S, so you admit you're also Tiger Lil as well then?