Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Don't fret troops I'm not ready to hang up my key board just yet.Some might think I'm a bleeding pain in the arse.And it would be a good thing ?No today I dedicate this blog entry to the real Pope.Not the Catholic one,who has just left this green and pleasant land.Leaving out the dirty industrial north that is ;-).

No this is for Mr.Steve Pope,head chap of the Barbel Society.Steve has posted today.....That his visit here is at an end.And he will leave this site for now.

Steve you will be missed and I mean that.I want to thank you for taking time to post on here and spend time with us mere mortals.Oh and to plug your bleeding web site any chance ya get ;-)

This is for you.

Monty D


  1. Will he be missed by all, one hardly thinks so.

    A D-S from sunny Caithness

  2. And good riddance,to the odious little twerp.Reading his smug pontifications makes my skin crawl.

    Toodle pip.

  3. A papal website - must have missed it - anyone got the URL?
    Nah only joking - bit like Siberia, everyone knows where it is but few want to go there.
    Your society? not a chance it's MY society...

  4. Lads,

    I'll allow these for now.But If you want to have an "out and out pop" at Steve can you at least do it in your own name ? Or start a blog yourself ?

    Steve knows I'm a piss taker.And I'm sure he only get's a little miffed,if at all ?But try and add at least a little humour please,or you can sod off.

    Monty D

  5. Give my regards to the two Northerners please monty. Is the pie buying a generic or the famous pieeater RS coming along as well?

    They were on it tonight Monty. 8 chubs only one under 5lb!! and 2 whiskered friends from our river.

    And Wazzy is 100percent correct. Just needs more to keep telling Pete, like I do.


  6. Graham,

    Not RS no.But Scuba and his mate Twinkle Toes.Hopefully it will fish well on Saturday for the lads ?

  7. Berk-shire won't know what's hit it, two yammers turning up, eatin' pies and drinking kipper ties on their hallowed river.

  8. I see Fred has finally seen sense or grown up, either or, his rather amusing "blog" has gone..................... shame.

  9. Hi Monty,
    Big bald fat bloke signing in at last.
    Been away in Dublin since Saturday so fortunately missed all the ramblings.
    Think it's quite sad really that all 3 of them have now sunk so low but encouraged by all the support and PM's.
    Keep up the good work.
    I'm keeping an eye out for the anouncement of the white smoke ;-)

  10. Super result last night Monty, not an easy place to go.Perhaps some of the "senior" players may actualy sit up, take notice and start performing.


  11. Martin,

    Champions League I reckon ?

    (Piss take face)

  12. Think setting the sights a little lower may be an idea, what about the Johnstons Paint Trophy ? :-)

    To be honest mate I can't imagine the top division without the Ammers, so good luck for the seven month run in

  13. Chris from the other one.

    You did cock up there is one on the Wye also on "your" weekend, nothing to do with that northern one.

    Only the petty, and those that want to sting the Society for the equivalent of 16 membership fees for their own name, will not donate to the very important R&C Fund. I'm sure.
    Nothing to do with propping up my "friend" as anybody with any real interest will know..

  14. Fred Bonny
    Nice line about the "petty", glad you're not running my ad or PR department.

    All to say on the subject Monty (promise) as Fred seems to be able to make himself look a complete fool without my help.


  15. Its par for the course I'm afraid,we were all great until we disagreed now we're all Northern Scum :-)
    If the R7C Fund isn't propping up your balance sheet to keep you solvent why aren't you spending it on what it was donated for ?

  16. I have respect for most Northerners Chris, but you in particular and some of the crew have always been whingers, glad I'm out from the shackles of being expected to tow the line!
    You no longer have the insider information either.
    As for the R&C fund, it's on public view, look at the BS Blog!!

    "Martin" whomever you are, if you had an ad or PR department I'd steer clear of it, because you obviously only want see what suits your view!