Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bloody Carp

Fished today and following JAA's advice,that being, there is still plenty of time for some good Carp fishing,I set off down the river first thing with my Carp tackle.Bloody chilly morning again,put the old Bib and Brace on for a few hours to ward off the damp.

First swim that has produced fish this season,was barren a little like our strike force at UP.Stuck it out for a couple of hours until the sun got higher in the sky.Had a mooch about and found a shoal of six Carp about a mile away.I felt like the Fonz,all strut and big bollocks.The hard work was done.

Fours hours later and they had done me.Bottom bait no interest, nor on a floating bait.One of these fish was a very nice Mirror indeed.They were as usual following a set patrol route,and were just below the surface.Every so often picking I would assume,snail and other aquatic insects of the now decaying Lilly pads ?But no interest at all in my bait.Tough shit eh ? Still good to watch them move about though.

So this says it all a dry net.

But I'm pleased to say no other anglers about,and that is the way I like it.Walk far enough and you can find some peace.No more angling until next week now.

Anyway enough of this fishing stuff.Who said this..............

"I have this weird thing that If I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity through my vagina"

Lady Gaga.What a trooper that gal really is.

Enjoy your weekend.

Monty D


  1. Lady Gaga ehh, i know a lot of people who's creativity comes out of their arse or is that speech, cant remember now!

    The weather is a changing Monty old chap, soon the bib and brace will be on all day!

  2. 19 degrees and sunny yesterday, raining today. The carp'll be heading home in droves. Wonder where the carp on the Stour are?

  3. If the rumours are true Lady Gaga's creativity would come out of 'her' penis :-o

    Autumn approacheth, fetch up thy perching sticks and go a fishing.

  4. What, so it's my fault you can't catch the fish?

    I think you'll find the explanation's far simpler ;-) wild guess, pub?

  5. JAA,

    Carp on the Stour ? Avoid the busy areas mate,and get off ones 'Arris.Much better then semi tame pond Carp ;-)As for the pub,yes at 11.00am with a pint of the black stuff and a fry up.Then a quick mooch in a secound hand book shop.Before haveing a few pints of Spitfire ;-)


    Na she has a bonafide "flange".As for the Perch,I'll let it cool down a little first.

  6. The carp I caught yesterday were in a pond that until May hadn’t been fished for 15 years...people shy fish, nice lean dark gold stock, check the diary. I'm terrified some club double rod bolt rigger will complain about the snags (it’s overrun with dwarf lilies) and scour it dull. Or worse stock it with something else. I’d buy it if I could.