Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another Barbel Blank

Up at sparrows fart yesterday,for a short six hour trip on the river.Arrived around 05.30 and the air temperature was 16.5 degrees.Confident of a fish before my scheduled departure of noon,owing to a few things needing doing.I was fishing by 06.00 and quickly put the brolly up as it was pissing down.

Not a touch I'm afraid,not to despondent as I'm on a beat at present hoping for a decent fish or two.As opposed to numbers of smaller fish.Plenty of leaf litter and weed coming down.The bird life here is great to watch though.An Owl flew just above me,going to home to bed as it got light and between the heavy rain showers,watched plenty of tits(my reflection in the river ?)Red Kites,Kestrels and a couple of Wag Tails.And of course Kingfishers.Nice short trip regardless of a blank.Shall not be back here for a couple of Weeks now,so will be Perch fishing elsewhere.

Now last night, I watched the "Last Night of the Proms".Not as good as it used to be.But I loved Dame Kiri te Kanawa singing from Puccini's Opera,Madame Butterfly.It brought back memories of my 30Th Birthday way back in April 2000 and a trip to see Miss.Saigon,at the theatre.Based on the Opera and a great show it was too.And I've mentioned on here before that I like Maria Callas,so had a quick look on YouTube for her singing Madame Butterfly.But the videos are not good.

So I've uploaded this one.A simply in my opinion, great piece of music.

Guess I may get some stick over this ? For not being what "Geezers" listen to ? Well I've always done my own thing,so tough titty.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Monty D


  1. Nowt wrong wi' a little bit of Opera Monty


  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of culture Monty, one of my favourites is Hoslt's Planet Suite along with Night on Bald Mountain by the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. I have lots of classical music in my collection and a little bit of opera creeps on to the radio now and again.

  3. It is indeed a wonderful piece of music Monty.

    Maria Callas is a benchmark for female Opera singers. Like if you think of a smooth voice you think Nat King Cole or Karen Carpenter, Aretha for Soul etc.

    I had a 2 barbel blanks in one day so trumped you there!I was out of the house for 22 hours the 2 rivers were close to each other and a long way from here so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Not feeling too good today, funnily enough. Managed to stay bone dry though.

    Learned all about cray fish for the first time yesterday as well and what to do with biggish eels in the dark.........

  4. Bloody 'ell.The things we mates never talk about eh ?It's all bait,rigs,toss pots and the like.I'm shocked ;-)

  5. Wait until you mention cooking.................

  6. Mozart and Vivaldi myself. Chopin's cool also. Not all Motorhead over in Dorset.

  7. Nowt wrong with a bit of Motorhead either mind.

  8. Otter,

    Don't knock it,till you have tried it ;-)