Tuesday, 7 September 2010

70 Years Ago Today

Sure I'm way to young to have been there.But I did however have family who were bombed out of there homes in Bethnal Green and Hackney.And they always told the me there stories,with a large slice of humour and always a few swear words bandied about.

I come from a large East London family,my late Nan had eight sisters,who all had kids,who had kids.We only get together now at funerals and weddings.But I reckon there must be about 200 of us knocking about,in the UK and over seas now.And I'm one of the sensible boys I kid you not.

So today I'll get a train in,then stroll into work,as there is a tube strike on.And I hope to god none of the local media mention the "Blitz Spirit".It's not, we are just going to work.But I'll have a smile on my face remembering all the family "do's" we had when I were younger.And how it was always the lady's who used to drink gin and scotch by the bucket full.Get pissed up and swear like fish wives.

But to my late Nan Glady's and all her sisters,Aunt Tiny,Aunt Win,Aunt Lil etc etc,I'll have a large scotch for you later.

For as Nan would have said......"We were not letting some German bastard ruining our fucking lives"

And I ain't letting that left wing Trotsky's Bob bleeding Crow either.

Monty D


  1. Jay as we all know mate "you can take the boy out the east end but you cant take the east out the boy"


  2. Sounds like a wise old girl Monty.

  3. Chaps,

    Wise,good god no.But a very special lady to me anyhow.As for the 200 most thankfully are not like me,most have a brain.

    You know mate ;-)