Monday, 30 August 2010

Well So Long Summer

God that went quick did it not ? Was it good for you too ? I can feel Mrs.Monty bristle at that question,as I have never asked her that post coitus.Just rolled over and went to sleep,it's a man thing,eh ?

I've had some nice Barbel,river Carp and a nice Perch on my only Perch session so far his season.I know I should not wish away the season,but next summer If I'm still about god willing, well you never know when the grim reaper may pop up,I'll be after river Carp more.I simply love them,some say they have no place in a river system,I beg to differ.If there is an angling Nirvana lake wise for crafty old Carp.Please let me know.But I can't be arsed to compete with "Bivvy Tramps".That's just a wee tongue in cheek remark,as most Carp anglers I know are very fine fisherman.But time does not allow me to "Bivvy Up" these days.That and my back.

Anyway the nights are getting cooler and soon I'll step out the front door off to work,and smell that smell in the air.That signifies Autumn.You all know it I'm sure ?It's hard to explain,but it's just an Autumn smell ?

So now my mind is on Pike,Perch and Roach.Sure a few Barbel trips to.But with high pressure due for a while I think next weekend will be Perch.I blanked today on the Carp front,so will leave them in peace now until next June.Thanks chaps you have giving me some great and exciting fishing this summer.And keep well ;-).Oh and I can't ever forget the Unicorn and other wood and stream animals earlier on in the summer.That's just for you Stewie ;-)

I hope to be down here very shortly,but we shall see ?Maybe a big old Roach will take pity on me ? Not had one over two pounds,since the 88/89 season.As a mere "pickney" of 18.

So that is that.Another summer gone,and time waits for no man not even Monty.I hope you all look forward to the Autumn as much as I,as it is the best time to walk the banks.

Monty D

PS The Pakistan,back 'ander,bung and betting drama in the Cricket.I bet Harry Redknapp had a word in there shell like ?


  1. You're right about the Autumn smell, it's a bit early mind. Still a month of carping Monty, September a good month, river carp or lake carp.

    Get foraging for them blackberries and hazelnuts.

  2. JAA,

    I've got a day off now on Thursday,shall be on a river into dark after a Barbel or two.Bloody warm today in Surrey,so may have to go back on Saturday and try for another Carp ?

    Not sure ;-)

  3. Monty
    Next to Winter Autumn is the best time of the year. Birds flocking together ready to depart for warmer climes, whilst others arrive ready for the colder months. Trees a myriad of colours, hedgerows alive with all sorts of life stocking up ready for frost and snows ahead.

    Those oppresive hot days of summer are fading fast, days spent sheltering from the heat and stillness, days where nothing much moved til the late hours of darkness.

    Roll on real Autumn next month


  4. Martin,

    Will it be a cold winter ? We leave one corner of our garden over grown for the birds.Yesterday evening Wood Pidgeons,Blue Tits and a solitary Robin were hammering the berrys.Normally they don't start on these until mid-September.