Thursday, 19 August 2010

Well Done Darling

I see Mr.Berridge has posted of his daughter Beth's,success in her A level results today and I thought I would follow suit.

My little "Baby Bakes" managed an AAB in her results and will be off in the Autumn to read Law(very handy that).I'll admit to a wee tear in my eye today,only small mind ;-).Well done darling and it's been a pleasure seeing you grow from a shy 14 year old to a confident young women of 18.Sure I'm not your real Dad and never have pretended to be.But I love you very,very much ,as you know.

How I'll cope without Mary J Blige,Kings of Leon,Beyonce et al blaring out I'll never know.Taking various phone messages,while your on your mobile(we need to work out an hourly rate for being your male secretary).Dirty dishes and cups being left in the sink as we all know they are self cleaning.And much more besides.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,you have earned it.And you know I'm always at the end of the phone when you leave home.

I know you will be mortified when you read this,it's called karma ;-)

Monty D XXX


  1. You old softy Monty.................very well done to the young lady, no doubt you will be taking her out for a slap up diner to celebrate.

  2. Monty.

    Quite rightly proud as well you might be. But worry not.

    They come home frequently. With washing, for money, with boyfriends, for money, for rent, for beer money.


  3. Tom,

    Well you know me all heart.


    Soft ? Always when it comes to "BB",but not as soft as the Bream I had this evening on a short two hour session.


    I look forward to that :-(