Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Two Tone Lives

Some sad new came into the Yat Phone today............

News just in...A certain guiding,blogging,single species group Chairman nearly fell from the banks of the river Kennet early today.When he heard a fishing news item about the demise of someone called "Two Tone".It is believed he thought the news item related to his arch Internet enemy,known as "Two Canes".The sad bit is he did not actually fall in.:-)

Don't shoot the messenger and thank you for the text.

You see folks Two Tone Lives On.

Monty D


  1. That is a spooky coincidence Monty old chum, i was listening to Kathy Burke on Desert Island Disc's on the way home, the wonders of podcasts, and one of her 'desert island discs' was Gangsters by the Specials................ twice that record has popped up in one day!

  2. That was an interesting program, she's gone through a lot.

    Two-tone. It's only a bleedin' fish, get a life everyone...

  3. "So you see folks two tone lives on".

    You could have at least acknowledged where you got the inspiration for that quip.

    Ade W

  4. The world and his brother had that thought up,from last Thursday old boy. ;-0

  5. Well In that case I was well ahead of the game when on Saturday the 14th........The day the body was discovered I went onto that fine site bfamw and posted the following on the, 'Tonight's guest ale is..' ,

    "Two tone ain't dead mate; I was listening to some only yesterday, on my radio, on my radio, on my radio, on my radio".

    However, as you're a southern shandy drinker and clearly have no interest in ale I can see how that one slipped under your radar so I'll let you off. (insert smiley)