Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Spotted Today From Yat Rock

While drinking my morning coffee upon high on Yat Rock, I first heard in the distance a very loud "Brummie" type voice....."Korum,Korum,Korum,Korum" was the cry.On picking up my binoculars I spied a brand spanking new EA battle cruiser(paid for out of our rod licence money no doubt) being skipperd by who ?On the Lower Severn.

None other than Chris "The Pons" Ponsford,all round ego driven,narcissistic,big chinned angling demi- god.Chris a word of advice.You are not going to catch many license dodgers down that way.May I suggest a trip to BridgEnorth ?It's a whole hot bed of filth and scum.Or are you scared of confrontation ? ;-)

Also spotted this afternoon was this fellow.Who do we know who has just brought a nice bike ?Not just any bike but a 1972 Triumph Bonneville(Cue jokes of Tony climbing all over Fred) ;-)

Here he is picking up Fay for a run out into the country.

Way to go 'El Presidente.

Right I'm off to trot a float for a few hours before I cook dinner.

Monty D


  1. A '72 Bonney?
    Fookinell Tone, that must have you getting nightmares... a Bonney in the garage.
    Has he employed the services of BP to capture the leaks?

  2. Otter,

    His sulking.He text me today and said Faye has never worn a fur coat in her life,and I am "out of fecking order son".;-0

  3. Thats it Monty son, you take the credit for a post that was my idea,.... bloody southerners, even steal your interlect.

    Price of rods gone up a bit. ;)

  4. "Even Steal Your Interlect"

    Best line all year,that's why I'm thick as shite.;-)