Monday, 2 August 2010

And So It Came To Pass

New BS FORUM.........

"This board is for discussing tackle,tactics,barbel and barbel fishing topics"

"Any issue relating to the management of the Society must be directed to the committee through the contact details listed above"

"We thank you for your co-operation and hope that the new board encourages members to talk about barbel fishing"

Thank You

"Der Management"

So there you go guys,play nice now.And do not dare ask a topical question on the BS forum,or you will get thrashed.Monty's gaze will now be directed elsewhere as it's to easy.Though a mate of mine fished on the Thames with Pete Reading last week (another ex-committee man)and said without Pete "they would be fooked".And I agree ;-)

"All the threads have been closed down"
"This place is coming like a Ghost Town"
"To much fighting on the forum"
"Steve won't play no moorrreeeeeee"

I could not upload the original video as It's encrypted the sods.

Onwards and Upwards you BS folk,and fly higher than you ever have before.

Monty D


  1. there was some dissatisfaction on the forum earlier today but those threads have also been removed. Another Regional Organisor has resigned. Twill only be Pope Fred and Rich left and at this rate will have to buy there own fishery tickets. I would rejoin tomorrow if Pete Reading became Chair.


  2. Appears the BS Chairman is now behaving just like the so called leaders of Zimbabwe and North Korea.
    Censorship is the tool of the despot.
    HOW can those still on the BS committee support such actions against their own membership ?


  3. George agrees with Martin!

  4. So The society likes to think it a voice for Barbel Anglers on a political front, but its members are not allowed to talk about Politics
    amongst themselves or openly with other members!
    ... who in their right mind joins something like that?
    Also noticed that the "Forum for all Barbel Anglers worldwide" never dare put up a thread regarding The Barbel Society in fear of getting thrown off the site!....Internet Barbel Anglers are a sad bunch ain't they..Lol!

  5. Martin and George would you be the two Gay,fashion designer twins who work in Shoreditch ?That may go over your head,but "Google" it ;-)


    Good post,but It's also on BFW now,maybe not for long though.As of now,no new posts on the BS forum (so my man in Peru) tells me.Perhaps they are all so shocked with how the forum has gone ?Stalin has said "Make it so".

    Monty D

  6. Monty
    Martin and George eh !!
    Don't think i've met George, but you never know, dark nights out 'fishing' and all that :-)

    "There are no new posts on the BS forum"

    Think this may have more to do with the few remaining members realising they've just chucked 20 quid down the drain.

    A political voice for barbel anglers it is not.


  7. Well Monty
    and I quote "not for long though" how right you were, just managed to read it and, Puff like magic it was whisked away lol!!
    what was interesting was even ol Damien who i thought was after a place on the top table is perhaps starting to see the light!
    BFW is just as bad as the BS, they both allow free speech as long as you talk about what we tell you, or allow you to speak when it's at our disscression!
    Andy Thatcher (our man in the USA)also felt the thread was not appropriate to talk about the BS, that's like saying because I'm not a member of Labour party I should not speak about them on a political forum!
    Monty, sort it out please!

  8. Anybody remember Team America?

    All together now "I'm so ronery, so ronery and so arone...."

  9. WW,

    Andy T,will glady let you discuss how to gage what sex an Alligator is.Where you can buy the best Moonshine.But the BS ?Hell No !

  10. Gay fashion designer? Not me. I have been happily married to Mildred for many years. ( Google that you youngsters!!!)


  11. Monty I love that song, it really is a classic and very apt. The video is footage is definitely of Scarborough, I know I lived there, taking a photo at 7am on a December morning is hardly fair though is it? It's not that drab and the surrounding area is quite beautiful. Mind you I hated it in the tourist season. The locals call the tourists 'comforts' cos they've 'come for t'day' - that made I laugh.



  12. I think it was in the original ''The Italian Job'' that all the convicts sang

    '' its the self preservation society''

    That song is very apt too!!


  13. Conrad,

    Scarborough is nice,not a bad place.


    My man in Peru,tells me the members apart from Fred and Steve are not playing ;-)

  14. Why are you so surprised at what pope has done?

    He has always been a meglamaniac and he can't stand anyone dissing him.

    Wanka to the core!!!!