Friday, 13 August 2010


I arrived at a club water today at 07.15 to try out my new addition to my rod collection and also to try for a few late summer Perch.I've not actually fished this particular beat since March 2008,though it does hold some nice Perch.I took a little stroll and it has changed a fair amount,since when I last fished here.Lots of new snaggy swims and tree cover.In fact I hardly fished for Perch at all last season as most of the winter was given over to river Pike fishing.And that was a hard struggle from December until the close.That's the problem,for me anyhow and I realise it is a cliche,but some many different styles of fishing and not enough time.

I tackled up and started to fish just after 08.00,deciding to "lay on" with lob worms.But after 10 minutes my bait was getting smashed to bits by Minnows.So a change of plan was in order.I caught some Minnows very quickly and they were to be the bait.Not many Pike here at all,so no need for a wire trace.I fished 4lbs line straight through to a size 10 'ook.

Here is the rod awaiting a bite.

Ten minutes later the float skid across the river and I was into my first Perch for a while.At first it wanted to get under the near bank,then moved out across this narrow section of river and tried to get under a Willow tree.Side strain stopped that happening,the fish then hit the top and looked a good fish.They always look so good in the water.Shortly after the fish was in the net,big smile on my mush I'll tell ya.

I weighed it in bang on 3lbs.But I've since checked my scales, that I take Perch fishing when I got home and they are weighing two ounces over.So I'll settle for 2.14 I should not be to down hearted,but I'll admit to feeling a little like that.I'd love a 4lb Perch this season having come close in the last few years.But I guess that will be down to luck ?

I had two more Perch before I packed up at around 12.30,both were around 2lbs I guess but did not feel the need to weigh them.So a nice start to this seasons Perch fishing and the rod was a joy to use.I did though get this text from a mate,around 08.30...."Bet Treebeards thinking 'fer fooks sake,i prefer being hung on a wall in the dry to being out in this monsoon with this cack handed coont".It did make me laugh.But it was not raining where I was,but started when I left the river.Hows that for good luck ?

That's it now until next week on the fishing front.

So enjoy your weekend and if you out on the bank,enjoy it.

Monty D


  1. Nice perch geezer. My scales weigh 2 ounces over too, hence me never having a 10 pound barbel!

  2. Well done mate, a cracking fish.

    A four pounder ehh, i bet you will come close mate, i would put money on it.

  3. Otter,

    Your as honest as the day is long.


    Four pound fish ? I can but hope but the weather and a large slice of luck is the best tatic.But fingers crossed mate.

  4. What a beautifully coloured fish Monty.

    It's down the salmon cut for you now young man after that 4 lber.


  5. An apt start for a classic rod Monty.

  6. Monty

    Now that's "real" fishing.
    Did you complete the set up with a bobber or was it a new fangled float ?


  7. Ya spawny bugger!

    Lovely fish on a crackin' rod. I'm jealous.

  8. Cracker Mont. Dead jealous.

  9. Graham,

    Yep I'll give the Salmon Cut a bash in the Autumn.

    As to the other gent's yes I am a spawny bugger.Always been a lucky angler as opposed to a dood one ;-)Martin,a new fangled float I'm afraid.Apologies ;-0

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