Friday, 27 August 2010

New Angling Superstar ?

Who and where will our next angling superstar come from ? I grew up watching Jack Hargraves as did many others.Then it was the programme "Hooked",that used to be on BBC 2 midweek,that my Dad hated to watch.Only one television per house in those days.

Then times moved on,we had John Wilson,Passion for Angling,Matt and Mick.A whole host of other angling writers have produced good quality DVD,s.Bob Roberts,Chris "The Chin" Ponsford,Rob and Guy etc,etc.But who will be the star for the years to come ?

I think I may have found someone to fill the void.I spotted this late last night after a few hours on the river.This guy has the brooding screen presence of a young Marlon Brando.The handsome jawline of a young Rock Hudson.And the voice of Barry from Auf Wiedershen Pet.Step forward to a huge drum roll( I said drum,not bacon calm down mate) to my midland contact The Bard of Bridgenorth.What a spot from up here on Yat Rock,you crafty old bugger.He is a natural in front of the camera,is he not ?

I'm not sure how much you paid Lol Breakspear to appear in this epic ? But he looks petrified.I bet he was thinking..."I don't get this hassle when fishing with Steve Pope"Now the Bard is out Zander fishing at the moment so will not see this for a while.Will he smile ? Not sure ;-)

As for me, I fished for a few hours yesterday evening for a couple of Chub,and will be back out for a proper session over the weekend.The rivers are looking in good "nick" down here and I'm not sure where I will end up yet ?

Enjoy your weekend gent's and I hope you get your rod bent If you are out.I'm off for a pint or two as It's a Friday.

Monty D

PS The story of the baby in the press today,who was born still born.And his mother held him for two hours and miraculously started to breath,after the nursing staff said he was dead.What a cracking bit of good news to start the weekend that.Brilliant.


  1. Lmco, the man is simply irrepressible !

    (The most amazing thing is that the Disco made it the whole three miles to the fishery without a piece of its engine falling off !)

  2. Looks a cracking venue, sorroi, bostin venyow.

    Monty, you alway seem to be off for a couple of pints? You should go fish mate, get you out of the pub.

  3. Yessling,

    I have to say I watched it last night,with tears in my eyes.When he walks down the track from the "Disco" I'm sure it took twenty takes.He can hardly stop for smirking.


    Pub,me ? Only twice a week.Frday and Sunday mate and I do fish a few times a week.But some things are best kept off here ;-)


    See you on the 25/09/10 bud.

  4. I could tell he'd just had a bacon banjo. There was ketchup on his chins.
    I bet the keepnet got caught on the brambles a few times during that walk. We could do a "What Happened Next" if he'd lend us the out-takes.

  5. In all seriousness, if you cut the bloke in half he'd have the word 'Fishing' written through his middle.


  6. He is a good guy and yet another ex Barbel Society member who after a season had seen enough.Pope says on the BS forum that he is not concerned with ex-members but he should be when good men like steve and bob gill can see how bad it has become.not you monty you are just a piss taker like rocca.but to many good people have walked away.

  7. I think Scuba Steve needs a huge pat on the back for getting up a doing something positive for his club. How much does it cost to do a walking tour of your fishery and post it on You-tube, a few well thought out links and everyone can see what an excellent fishery they have. It beats loosing fisheries in my book any day.

    Progressive thinking and making use of technology, well done too them, although i would have chose a slightly more charismatic presenter LOL

  8. Yessling and Tom,

    Just back from work and a trip to see the Mother in Law now she is out of hospital.Your spot on, the lad does do an awful lot.He is very hands on with his club.He takes anglers out to help them and does not charge them a bean except a double pie and chips.I'm sure soon he will be all over the TV ;-)


    Keepnet ? Get new bins mate.As for me I must get my TACKLE ready for Sunday.Won't see you Tom mate I'm afraid,shall be on another river.But enjoy it mate.

  9. That is a shame Monty, i was looking forward to meeting up again.

    My kit is already and i am looking forward to getting down there............. bug kid that i am :)

  10. Leroy from "Kids from Fame"28 August 2010 at 19:05

    welcome to the business we call show, your Bardship. right here's where you start payin your dues in sweat and hard graft to live the show biz life style. next stop for yow, an extra in "crossroads".

  11. Well I think Steve's wasted any chance of doing a spot of guiding, he's given all the information for free - schoolboy error. :-)

  12. Leroy,Leroy ? Only you and only you could come out with that.You silly sod.;-)

  13. Sorry Monty, Freudian slip. As I never use a landing net the term has been almost forgotten. ;-)

  14. Steve is a Legend.