Saturday, 21 August 2010

Natural England

What do you or I know about the organisation that is Natural England ? I will be honest now, until this week I did not know or care to much about them.Sure you hear the name mentioned a lot,but I did not really pick up on the ramifications to us as anglers, until the Autumn edition of the PAC magazine Pikelines arrived at home on Monday.

Chris Bishop has written a very good article,on how they may have a very large say on how we fish or go about our pastime,in the coming years.Who is Chris Bishop ? Well he is the Pike Anglers Club,Press Officer.The PAC and Chris used the "Freedom of information Laws" to uncover a paper trail of policy papers.That may and I say may at present,cause us as anglers, to completely change the way we fish.Not just for Pike,but all species.Access to waters,sharing our waters with other pastimes,turfing anglers off to make way for bird watches and picnic tables.

I'll say here and now, this may not come to fruition.But we the angler must be aware of what may happen.What can you do at present ? Not an awful lot to be honest,but make your clubs and society's,know of what Natural England wish to do.As you are reading this Natural England's proposals are about to go to consultation.

A quote that really stood out for me was this......."I can imagine that many CO's have no idea the problems anglers can cause and don't even consider them when formulating management plans.However,I don't think this rationale for the policy is one we'd want written down in a public document as it wouldn't make us look very good". That was penned by Stephen Arnott of Natural England's Policy Team.That to me speaks volumes of the struggle we may be in for,in the ensuing years ?

You can read a large chunk of Chris Bishops article on the PAC website,via the link on this blog.Go to the "Latest News" and scroll down until you get to the "Exposed" entry and it may give you a taste of what we are up against.

Well done "Bish" some cracking work mate.It's looking tough at present as I think the Notts Wildlife Trust,have banned angling on 64 out of the 65 waters it controls.Where and when next ?

As for today,had five hours on the river for one small Chub,while fishing for Barbel.First time on this river,for Barbel this season.Like "Arnie" I'll be back.

Monty D


  1. I read the article as well Monty, Chris Bishop is a credit to the PAC, he embodies what a press officer should be.

    Natural England could well have a huge impact on our pastime if we are not too careful

  2. Monty,
    With the cuts coming at the EA there is a distinct possibility the fisheries function will go to Natural England, So I am told by an EA man I know. Wouldnt be good I dont think.

  3. The real danger is what happened in Germany.

    This kind of law change could be sneaked through on the the back of more general animal wlefare laws and it's implications on angling made clear retrospectively.

    (It's also why anglers should not bleat on about mourning lost "legendary" fish and listing repeat captures)

    The ACA did make the NE sitiation clear in one of thier recent emails (I sent NE a strongly wored email which received no reply). As well as a personal awareness campaign, batter all your friends to join the ACA. With a large membership and the consequent funds they can fight this more effectively than at present. If there's one single thing every angler can do to preserve the sport it's join the ACA.

    Complacency will get us banned if we are not careful. There 3 million anglers, and I've heard some say "it will never happen", but hunting had money and connections and that didn't save it. 3 million ACA member would stop this kind of stuff in its tracks. Join, get your friends to join. We have to unite.

  4. JAA,

    Good post mate.And now as it is Sunday I'm going for a cupla pints :-)

  5. Monty when you are not fishing you are drinking and when you are not drinking you are fishing.Do you do anything else in this land of ours or are you just a piss head.

  6. Trouble is JAA you have all these 'specialist groups' who are too busy fighting over old history and 'he said this and he said that'.

    If we are not too careful we will be on forums reminding each other of the 'gold old days' when we where actually allowed to fish.

    Chris Bishops reckons apathy will be the undoing of fishing, i will disagree with him there, in the barbel world it will be the ego's of a few that will ultimately be the undoing of anything good that the barbel groups could possibly do.................... they could do so much more TOGETHER.

    Sorry Monty, rant over

  7. Anon,

    What can I say ? One must enjoy life in how we see fit.;-)


    Not a rant at all,you can use your soap box here all day long.JAA I'm glad to say, knows "sweet fa" about the BS and other things.A fine man,with a love for silk under wear,ladys that is :-)

    Reet the girls are due home at 18.00 so must get the "Rice and Peas" on.

  8. Damn, how did you find out about the silk? Bloody Internet. Still my secret's safe here, no-one reads this shite.

    Join tha ACA (I'm starting a campaign).

    You're only allowed to bicker like girls after you've joined the ACA.

    Did I mention the ACA?