Sunday, 8 August 2010

Monty Invades The Compound

Myself and two mates fished the Compound Weir on the Royalty yesterday and It was hard,slow and low.In fact lower than I have ever seen it.Left home at around 05.40 and arrived in Christchurch at around 07.10.A nice poodle down the motorway with very little traffic on the road.It's just a shame that's it's 90 minutes and not an hour as It's just that little to be to far to go every week.

Anyway Yessling fished over the Salmon Hut side of the pool and had over 50 Dace(Now safely in my freezer for winter Pike baits) only kidding.Along with Perch and Roach.Old man Gruffalow had a large Bream that he confided in me,he wished he had weighed.As he said , and read these words in a Donnie Accent "You know what son I wish I had fecking weighed that,it would have been a PB.But you pair of bastards would have taken the right fecking piss". To be honest I'm hurt.Gruff also had Dace and some nice Roach.

Now me ? Well shit for brains 'ere stuck it out for Barbel.I started off in "Jacks" and fished two rods,but did not have a touch.And by lunchtime the rods were getting battered by weed,so moved around a little.I had my one and only bite of the day at 16.30.Barbel on and was happy,showing my prowess to the two "Bit Bashes" on the other side.But disaster struck,as I was getting ready to the net the fish It had one last little dash and got it's head in a weed bed.I tried to pull it back that little to hard and ping.......Hook pulled.The phrase I uttered would make a "Fish Wife" blush.Now this is the first Barbel I've lost in ages and to loose one on the Avon,well I was not happy.When I picked my self up off the ground,the two "mates" were in bits,crying with laughter.Wankers the pair of 'em.I blame the carbon rod and baitrunner thingy I were using.Never would have pulled out with a 'pin and cane combi.;-)

And that were it.Yessling left at 18.00 as he had a long drive back to the Forrest of Dean where he resides.Lovely to see you mate,and I'll see you in October.But where were the bottles of Butty Bach you left for me last year ?

Gruff and I left at 19.00 and no more fish played ball.Though two Salmon anglers walked through the pool at 18.15.I'll have to check with Davis Tackle about this.Not sure if they should have waited until we had left ?Gruff thanks for all the driving mate.It's really appreciated ;-).

Here are some pictures.

As you can see It's very low indeed.And it will need some substantial rain before things improve.Still Bistern opens next month so I'll get back down for that eh Gruff ?

You can make the photo's larger by clicking on them.Mrs Montys birthday today so I'll be doing exactly as I'm told,when I'm told.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Monty D


  1. Monty, many thanks for sorting the day out and booking it. I had a great day catching dace both on the float and a small maggot feeder. Only downer was the hook pulling out of that decent perch.Rest assured the Butty is still fermenting nicely, and will be ready for that other suvvern river.

    A very long day, but well worth the trip to spend time in your esteemed company. Oh yeah, and the company of the Donnie Gruffalo. Breamer, he's nuthin' but a breamer...

    But just who was that camo'd up, eye-linered he/she thing we saw at Davis Tackle ?

  2. How many texts Monty? I was answering the fecking things all day. Did the Gruffalo stay dry in his mobile Arndale Centre?

  3. Yessling,

    Had a little think while on me run.I may suggest we book the Compound and Parlor next summer.Get six of us down,stay over in Mel Evans "gaff" for the night.And have a day on Throop the next day.

    Oh and that was Leanne James,who always reminds me Paul Smythe ;-)


    Only a couple mate ;-0

  4. Mont, glad I was busy, going by that form ;-)

    I'll have to try and get along next time, bring me Hexagraph and embarress you all by catching a Barble on my first go. Well all right, second go then...

    Just discovered a local lke has gudgeon, big fat 2oz'ers...

  5. Monty
    Bistern opened on the 1st August

  6. JAA,

    Problem is I want to get back down there as the fish beat me.A little like when you have a bad round of golf,you want to get back on the course and put it right.


    Appreciate that,thank you.

    Monty D

  7. Back luck old chum, hooking and loosing one like that................ out after a couple of Crusian's tomorrow then back to work on Tuesday!

  8. Monty
    I stuck it out for Barbel as well. Them compound Dace are determined little beggars 2 16 mm boilies and a paste wrap and still all hooked in the mouth.
    Oh yeh! nice girls you have down south. If the missus ever bins me I think I will pop back home and shop around. If Coops ever looks in here, mate, she had more camo than you and I recon could give you a run in the arm wrestling stakes.
    Wish I had weighed the Brim.

  9. Good piccies Monty, there's more to fishing than catching fish and being there with good friends is one of them.

    Happy Birthday to Mrs Monty, hope you've planned something special.


  10. Martin,

    You would not happen to have a radio show would you ? And be a friend of Mike Oz ? Just another stab in the dark ?


    My fault mate,rest assured the Cane is now onboard for todays jaunt.Pissing down too.

  11. Monty
    Getting colder i'm afraid :-)

    After another day at the coalface it's such a pleasure to come home to some humour. Keep up the good site.