Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Meet Treebeard

Well here is my new rod.Well not really new in the age stakes,but he arrived here about an hour ago.It's an original B.James&Son MKIV Avon,with not a mark on it.It's not got the merest blemish on the varnish.

Rings and agates are perfect.And the cork handle has never had a reel sit upon it.He now has his own name as my other cane rods all have a name.He shall now be known hence fourth as Treebeard.Here are a few quick photos I've just taken.

And Treebeard will have his first ever fishing outing on Friday for Perch.

I am chuffed to bit's.It's simply stunning and shall be used for my Perch,Roach and Chub fishing.And a little float fishing for Tench next Spring.

Monty D


  1. Very nice monty, you jammy barsteward. ;0

  2. Tony,

    Yep very lucky indeed.The sun does shine upon the righteous.;-)

  3. In a Homer Simpson voice ' Mmmmmm Treebeard ghhaaaaaaaaa!'

  4. Which sofa ?

  5. Dave,

    Yep It's sure Is a nice rod.


    Sofa ? Thats a cheap two seater from IKEA,that resides in the tackle room.Hence the bait freezer in the photo.It's where I go to relax and read while the girls watch dross on televsion.

    And to a couple of mates who have spoken to me.I've no reason at all to get it valued.It's not going anywhere.As the vendor said....."I guess It's going home".And here it will stay.

  6. Now that is a thing of beauty! How on earth did you find that? If you ever end up on your arse and with nowt I bet there's a bloke near Scunthorpe who will 'help you out'.

    Puts my recently acquired Bob Gill 9ft stalker rod into perspective dunnit? Well they say that pride comes before a fall..........

  7. Conrad,

    I found it about 40 miles from where you live mate.;-)

  8. Uncle monty,well done.I do hope it does you justice.

  9. Treebeard my a**e, more like Citizen Cane or Monty four canes :):)

    I am very jealous!

    PS, i finally caught a fish using mine last night.

  10. Mike,

    It's ready to do and fish.Just need to get some maggotts and lob worms,for Friday.


    Treebeard because It's an old bit of wood ;-)

  11. Monty I found out who you bought it off, how silly do I feel? Bet I made you chuckle a lot though.


  12. Conrad,

    Just spoke to him mate ;-)