Thursday, 12 August 2010

Just So You Know

OK lads plenty of you have been trying to fathom out, where and from whom I bought this rod from.It's no state secret and I've just checked with the vendor if it was OK to put this up.

It's not really hard to guess though.Tony Rocca or as some know him Tony2Canes sold it to me.At a decent price and at "mates rates".Now I've known of this rod for a while now,but Tony was never in a mind to sell it.But I did ask on more than one occasion if and when he did,may I have first offer ?

The last couple of weeks we have had a little banter about this and that,as you do.The rod has been thrown back and fourth in conversation.I last Sunday was looking online at a few MKIV Avons,and sent Tony a cheeky e-mail asking how much he wanted for the rod.

He let me know,and more or less told me the rod would be on it's way to Surrey,from Scunny this week.I was taken a little by suprise and I did make sure he was OK with letting it go.Tony,wanted it to be used and knew I'd not only use it,but also look after it.As I am a fastidious sort when cleaning my tackle(Just ask Mrs Monty) ;-).

And that is that.Without going to over the top I owe Tony a huge debt of grattitude,for the price and letting me get my hands on it.And to think people think his a .........Na I won't even go there.

Here is a slightly better picture than the three I took yesterday.It's already to go in the morning.

Once again I doff my cap Tone.

Monty D


  1. Your welcome Monty, 10 years is just too long to have something just sat, I just couldnt bring myself to use it as, unlike you, I dont look after things.

    New Biking leather arrived in its place this afternoon.

  2. Hi Monty,

    Well, he is innee, a coal merchants lad from Sheffield (once or twice removed!), of Iberian extract, with a soft centre, penchant for fast bikes and a younger lady. Nowt wrong wi' any of that.

    'Mates rates' is allus good cos if you can't do a mate a favour then don't do him a dissfavour.

    I can't believe he never had a 'pin on the handle though..... on the other hand I can cos he's probaby morean 2Canes ;-)

    Nowts so sure as it'll be well looked after and used Monty, you enjoy, mate.

  3. Tony,

    Any chance you could strike up a "Zoolander" pose in the new jacket ?And post it on your blog ?


    I here a mutual friend of ours,dropped his phone in Loch Lommand yesterday.All that just to get away from...................;-)

  4. He is a very nice man indeed, i have a lovely newly "christened" rod from the same vendor Monty.

    Happy fishing mate

  5. Steady on. He'll be wanting to run the Barbel Society soon at this rate!


  6. Pretty rod Monty, isn't it a bit floppy though? I expect you're used to that ;-)