Sunday, 29 August 2010

Four Hours

I popped out today for fours hours, after a late summer Carp from a river I frequent.I'm not really a fan of fishing on a Sunday,as most places are at there most busy on the sabbath.Normally If I do fish on a Sunday It's a dawn start and home before the girls get up.Today was a late start for me anyhow as the girls are away until tomorrow evening.

No fish were showing on the top ,as it has been pretty chilly at night,couple this with a gusty northerly wind today, I thought I would lay on with corn.I fed about six handfuls of corn an about six handfuls of small pellets.Choosing an area with no flow,more akin to a lake really.I pulled out of a fish early on as I held it to hard to keep it away from some trialling willow bows.Bollocks.

Sat back and had a smoke,fed some more bait then cast out.Half hour later the float moved away and I hooked into this little thing.

A stern little fight and I was happy to get such a pristine fish from the river,not weighed obviously,but a nice fish all the same.I'll be back out on Monday to have another go,and I hope the banks will be more quiet ?You can't beat in my eyes small river Carp fishing It's great fun.

Now to this.......................

These flyer's were all over various trees,now that the BS are about to go on a recruitment drive.This is Mr.Frampton the new BS,RC man.I'm glad to see you got your hair cut,at my behest Rich.

Smile Rich it is only a joke,I know you moaned when It was put on the BS forum last Christmas.Good work the Otter man ;-)

Monty D

PS For JAA,going for a pint or two now mate as It's a Sunday.;-)


  1. Fair enough Mont. Just bagged three myself on the floating sadwich tin and now sipping a bloody large "the Lasanta".

  2. Ah Monty, Monty, Monty. One doesn't "glug" Glenmorangie. Do try not to be an oik in public ;-)

  3. PMSL.....................

    Lovely carp Monty.

  4. What a haircut Rich! Trying to compete with Big Jackie?