Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Footballs Back

Monty's hints and tips for the coming Football Season.....

Premier League Winners-Chelsea again I reckon and I think "Yossi" will do a really good job for them this season.They can be backed at 11/8.Stan James are offering a good bet to the maximum of £250.00, that if Man City win the Prem and you have backed another side you get your money back.

Relegation.Wolves,Baggies and Newcastle.

Championship-I'll be backing Notts Forest to win it at 8/1, as I think they will sort there away form out this season ?

Relegation-Doncaster Rovers(Sorry Bob),Millwall and Swansea.

First Division-Champions I fancy Southampton but will not back them at 5/2.But Charlton may be worth a punt at 14/1.

Relegation- Dagenham and Redbridge,Leyton Orient and Exeter.

I've not looked at the rest to be honest,but any thing I've posted above, is no doubt all "cobblers" like most stuff on here ?

How will my lot West Ham do ? I'll let you know after out first game away at the Villa,on Saturday week.I'm looking forward to a day out up there,and will probably make a dozen or so games this season.In truth I wish we had gone down last year, as Sky dictate to many "spoof" kick off times.

What would I like to see ? Spurs get sweet "FA".Harry "the bung" Redknapp get banged up for tax evasion.Another cup tie with Millwall would be a bonus,as last years was good.Chelsea not win the Champions League would be good too.Not to much to ask is it ?

Back to fishing......Had three hours on the river after work yesterday, near to home and had a handfull of Dace and a few small Chub.My trotting skills need an awful lot of work, If I'm going to try for a big Roach this season.But It's fun trying and that's what It's all about.

Monty D


  1. Liverpool may be my bet, managers seem to make some difference.

  2. Football? FOOTBALL?

    There's still test matches to be played you know.

    Jeez.....frickin' footy...

  3. What about Pompey?

  4. If tipping Wolves for relegation is meant to get a bite from 'The Bard of BirdgEnorth', then it has jolly well worked........

    I agree with Sandwell town and the 'you've never won fek all' Geordie's, but to tip the mighty Wolves is just foolish.

    More likely to be Bolton, Wigan, West Am than Wolves.....

    I can feel a wager coming on with you Monty... Wolves to finish higher than West Am and not to get relegated......

    Looser posts a picture of themselves on BFW in the other teams colours.....

    The Bard of BridgEnorth

  5. Monty,old boy.Blackpool to stay up?

    Shurely shome mistake....

  6. Chaps,
    Nice you all have an opinion,even though JAA is a grumpy old sod.;-)


    As I do not have a Fatwa World Account,how about on BFAMWE ?

  7. I'd happily post 'your' picture on BFW for you Monty and yes we can include BFAMWY too..........


  8. Oi. Less of the "old".


  9. not that twat whiskerton postin on here now ? pRick.

  10. Bard,

    We have a bet....And in the words of Arthur Daly "My Word Is My Bond".;-)

    joyce mike,

    Any clue to who you are ?If you want to post who you really are I'll not publish it,or say a word.I do have a rough idea.

  11. I think yer backin of Notts Forest is a bad idea too!!! ;)