Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Close But No Cigar

Well we yet again were very poor last night.Avram Grant will have his work cut out this season,keeping us up.What with the proliferation of knocking shops around Upton Park too,he could be pulled all over the place ?

But this man came to mine and I guess the Barbel Society's salvation, deep into injury time.He scored and ran directly over to me screaming this.I'll admit I had a tear in my eye Scott,for saving me from a fate worse than death.

Ta mate,and I'll buy you a pint next time you visit Yat Rock.

Monty D


  1. Jay good to see you on tuesday son, there is a spare knocking about for the chelsea game on saturday week in the west lower.let me know if you are up for it or will you be putting hooks in poor fish.


  2. Could you not phone me ? Do you have to stalk me on here ? In short no mate I'll not pay 60 quid plus for a match ticket anymore.I'll be at Stoke away in a few weeks though.

    As for hooks in fish,I'm off out now for a few hours.Be lucky.