Sunday, 1 August 2010

Change Of Plan

So where were we ? Oh back to fishing as I would not like this blog, to be seen as an "Bash The BS " blog.Though I do not think I really bash 'em.Just take the piss,as I do out of myself and others.But they do make it sooooooooo easy.

So anyway the girls and I have been to see Toy Story Three ,and I have paid for lunch and they are zooming across Surrey to go to IKEA.Are women not mad ?So I can "pop" this up.

The trip to the Estate Lake was called off late Friday night,sad but a midweek trip next week is on the cards.So two of us headed across country again to fish for Barbel.And It was a hard and dour struggle.

We fished from 06.30 until just after 19.00 hrs.I had four Barbel and my mate had three.Not a fish after 14.30.Now as ever I roamed about all day,just sitting on a mat,while my mate more or less fished static.I had one of those "Click 'ometer thingys on" and I covered around six miles up and downstream.And I was knacked by the end.

I only managed one fish per swim and I cast into about sixteen swims.One swim, I had a fish first cast,put a bait back out and the rod were pulling etc.More fish from here Monty I thought.Nope an Adder,I kid you not slid over my rucksack,followed by one more.In the words of all Leeds fans RUN (Sorry Rob) ;-).

I could have fished the old "Caster and Hemp" way.But sitting in one swim in the summer is not for me.Even though It does produce.But fishing a swim that's a "Banker" is boring I'm afraid,I like to try and catch from new swims.Here is a photo from yesterday,no need to photo any of the fish I caught though.As they were all between I guess five and six pound.?

See that not a crossed word or piss take.And let's hope August brings us love and harmony ?

Lastly go and see Toy Story Three,It's not just a kids film to be honest.Many have watched the first two,but this is different class.I had a HUGE lump in my throat at the end.And my 18 year old stepdaughter said "Call yerself facking West Ham ?".OK she did not,but we three were all moved.

Monty D a much kinder person in August.

PS I'm not really worried about "Followers",but to the 11 anonymous chaps,why ?Are you ashamed to read this blog ?Or is it a grubby secret like a porn mag ?.Just wondered like.


  1. Anyway Monty. It's a good idea to go fishing. The BS forum has become boring, especially now they have deleted all the posts that criticise the "management"

    I'm of to the place you pictured a few blogs back, down from the weir, tomorrow.

    For a rest.


  2. Ya pussy, scared of a little adder - I don't know, you just make a bit of noise and they bugger off.

    I concur about Toy Story 3 though. Just been to see it (yeah, big kid... ) but it really is a marvel of animation and a great story to boot. But the only thing that made my eyes water were damned 3d glasses.

  3. Graham,

    It was tough on the place below yesterday.Anyway Bryce has ,had his whole thread pulled or so I am told.Why can't one ask a question on the BS forum these days ?This needs a blog.


    Mate all I heard was a nest of vipers hissing.And the baliff told me it was an Adders nest.Fook that,as for Toy Story,you did cry I;m sure ;-)

  4. All the threads have gone Monty. You would never know the Mods have left or that half the Committee has resigned.

    I think the problem was someone mentioned democracy...............

    Anyway. Just fishing now.


  5. Monty
    Don't listen to Dave Burr, where snakes are concerned run like hell.

    As for the Dulwich bit, close but no prize.

    Made me chuckle the bit Fred said about firing blanks. No need to waste live ammo when they continualy shoot themselves in the foot.

    Keep up the good blogging


  6. ...I know ought abotu the BS, bu I do know that in ANY organsiation of any sort, as soon as criticism is not allowed, you're on the downward spiral...societies, clubs, work, anything.

  7. Not a tear matey. I was told it was a weepy but I toughed it out. The Boss had a blub but she weeps during the adverts = women eh?

  8. Adders, PAH! No worse than a wasp sting. Woos.