Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Carling Cup

Right I'm off to Upton Park shortly for our match tonight against Oxford United.It's only a "Cock an Hen" for adults and a "Jacks" for kids.It was this time last season that we played our mates Millwall,in the same round.But the less said about that the better.Actually know,I'll change my mind.That well known media ponce Harry "The Bung" Redknapp said after that game,that us and Millwall should never play each other again.Harry your a proper prick you really suck up to the media in a big way.And you get a soft ride from the media,for playing up to the "Cockney Geezer" persona.Cunt!Don't be offended I mean it.Still If we go down this season and Millwall don't get promoted,who knows ? We may get to meet up for tea and cake again ?

If we do not win tonight,a forfeit is in order.It has been suggested that I rejoin the Barbel Society,now that change is at hand.And I have accepted.

Oh and Carlton,miss a penalty tonight you dopey prick and your out son ;-)

Monty D


  1. Come on you Oxford -
    Monty for the BS, Monty for the BS, la la la la, la la la la..............

  2. Cock and hen ? Jack ? What is this strange speak that you talk and how bist thou owld butt ?

  3. Well the ammers struggled no surprise there av ad to watch them struggle most of me life!

    Don't rejion them bunch of pricks m8 the BS is dead on its feet. Rich Frampton will soon learn that if ya play with a snake you'll get bit sooner or later.

    Pope has only two mates left and what a pair of pricks they are who da fuck wants bonney and frampoodle as ya bestest m8s?

    Won't be long b4 they share out the RC fund!

  4. Phew,we won.Shame really as Damian needs some help over on the BS forum to spark it into life ;-0.

    Oh and Anon,that is your first and only post on here where you get to use "Text Speak" OK ? It is just plain wrong.

    Monty D

  5. Last minute reprieve - you lucky bugger!

  6. Monty.

    You know it makes sense.

    Love G