Friday, 6 August 2010

A Bit Of A Ramble

Firstly this in the photo below.If any of you have perused Barbel Fatwa World today you will understand.Now I know all round good guy and "Head Honcho" Bob Gill looks in at times.So Bob I'm on my knees here now (Steady old boy I do not need one of your rods that badly) ;-),get your big moderator stick out and start waving it about.You know it makes sense.I mean come on guys ?

Also another thing that's got me perplexed.The issue of "Man Bags".Now is this just a soft southern poof thing ?Or do "men" and I use the term loosely use these all over the country ? I'm at a loss as to why anyone over the age of 16 wants to carry a satchel around with them ? Answers please to Yat Rock If you will.

I'll be on the famous Royalty Fishery this weekend and those kind people at Davis Tackle have organised a little soiree,for me.This will take place on the Cinder Path around 08.00hrs.And will either be me signing autographs or getting a thump.Depends on how you view this blog ?I'll be the one dressed like an Victorian Elephant hunter,with a pipe and a deer stalker.I was going to mention the new Sherlock Holmes,but Bob Roberts beat me to it.Thank you Bob :-(

Lastly a little bit of music from the Who.Great song this one of there best IMO.

If your out fishing this weekend,I hope you catch the fish of your dreams.

Monty D


  1. Monty, email me your location in case I can get over...I'll be the one not punching you.

    btw, French chaps seem to like their handbags as well. Bit of a mystery to me. Good manly rucksack is what you need, that way you cancarry a few tools, a bit of string and a reel of gaffer tape in case of emergencies.

  2. 'Tis indeed a great song Monty and reminds me of a recent trip out with Hobby when there was a rather good tribute band doing a good cover of said song in a meadow nearby, they will have been called the Whom or something equally imaginative. Who in their right minds would want to thump our Monty?

    Oh of course they aren't all sound of mind are they? Incidentally I just discovered that the missus has been reading the blog after mentioning a new stalking rod purchase. I will definitely be fishing this weekend - whether I want to or not!

  3. JAA,

    I'm concerned with what you carry.The mind simply boggles ;-)I'll mail you later or will send you a text message in the morning.


    Mrs Monty look's at my blog to.And she reckons I have issues ? Just do not let her read your last blog ;-)

    It's Friday so I'm off for a cupla pints.

    Be lucky.

  4. Monty, old bean, I was impressed by the book review of (brother?) Ted's (Theodore) new book in today's Express... exreact here:-
    Review: Theodore Dalrymple - Spoiled Rotten

    Friday August 6,2010
    By Nigel Burke

    SOMETHING clearly happened to British reserve in the 60-odd years between Celia Johnson's clipped self-control in Brief Encounter and Katie Price's unstoppered, emotional twittering about her new, cross-dressing, cage-fighting boyfriend.

    Soupy feelings and stories about personal struggles that once were private are now a staple of TV entertainment and our appetite for shoddy emotion and shameless self-revelation has never been greater.

    In "Spoilt Rotten", Theodore Dalrymple analyses the new sentimentality boom and he argues that it is more than a mere coarsening of our culture.

    Just might acquire a copy, for light reading you understand.....

    Had to chuckle at your pic of the paper clips 'cos learnt only a couple of days ago (from mutual pals missus Sue) that this item is considered one of THE innovations of the 20th. Century.... an I was under the misconception that it should have been the steam engine or sliced bread.

    Is one seeing fellow sparrer Mel' whilst down-his-way?? Enjoy your weekend Montague.

  5. i'll see you on the cinder path then ya coont.

  6. Monty, I share your distress and apologise. That's why I look over here (and other places) for a laugh.
    Forgive them, they know not what they do and as for modding I simply can't be arsed. Need a few beers as well - or should I say a few more than I've already had.
    Hugs and kisses.

  7. Mike,

    Notat Mels this time mate.


    Hope your well my "Little Bait Guru".

    Reet that's me all set now where is the "Gruff" and his Limo ? Oh and Yessling If you aint left yet ? Safe drive down from Gloucester mate.

  8. Gittus, don't worry. The paperclips are sliding further down the page as I type. To mod would be a waste of good drinking time.

    Regards, Tarka. ;-)

  9. Monty,

    do you know anyone who might want to buy some second hand terminal tackle; hooks, braid, swivels, beads, tulip beads, braid scissors, baiting needle, anti tangle bits etc....?


  10. Monty

    Any chance of taking the whole meet and thump/greet on the road? The Royalty is a tad too far for me. Perhaps you could do a pat or punch day on the Wye or Teme.

    It could catch on you know, maybe all of us bloggers could do a tour, people would pay to stroke or strangle their favourite bloggers. ;-)

  11. Dave,

    A fighting tourr ? Now that's an idea ;-)