Friday, 20 August 2010

A Bit Of Fun....Are You Middle Class ?

Here are Ten Tell-Tale Signs.

1.You went to Eton
2.You were a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford
3.You are a direct descendant of William IV
4.You are the 8th cousin of Boris Johnson
5.You are married to the daughter of a Baronet and Viscountess
6.You are the son of a wealthy stockbroker and Justice of the Peace
7.You're a millionaire several times over.
8.You made an expense claim for "cutting back wisteria" at one of your agreeable homes.
9.You suffer from Tennis Elbow
10.You are a member of the Barbel Society.

I would like to point out I did not make this up,for fear of being accused of plagiarism.;-)

Another week gone,and It's nearly Christmas.My tackle is all set for a few hours on the river tomorrow.I'll try and post a serious subject over the weekend and one that is a threat to all our angling.I'm now off for a few pints seeing as it is Friday.

If you are fishing this weekend,enjoy it.

Monty D

PS Last of the Summer Wine finishes this Sunday,will you be watching it ?


  1. Well I thought I had aspirations of being middle class but now that I have read that list I realise that I am just an everyday ordinary oik after all.

    I'll send the tweeds back then shall I?

  2. Quote:
    "PS Last of the Summer Wine finishes this Sunday,will you be watching it ?"
    Watching it - I'll be bloody acting it! Needs more Victor Mildrew moments though.

    Nighty night - reckon my class is gutter snipe then.

  3. Pleased to find otu I'm not middle class. Like Bobbus I'm living it. Hope you get one Mont.

  4. I've got tennis elbow, am I middle class?

  5. I qualify on number 9.
    Nothing to do with tennis though.
    Les Pauls are far too heavy! ;-)

  6. Conrad,

    Barnsley folk will only be "working class" mate ;-)

    Bob and JAA,your both old and miserable.

    Dave and Otter always had you down as a pair of wankers ;-)

  7. Monty, there are those that do and those that lie about it ;-)