Monday, 16 August 2010

Away Days

Last week I did say I would give an honest appraisal of how my lot West Ham,would do this season.After out first game away at the Villa last Saturday.

And It's going to be another long,long season.Villa were far superior to us all over the park on Saturday.Rob Green looks like a rabbit caught in some car headlights.Now I've seen some poor sides over at our "Gaff" during the last 30 years or so.But last season and the start of this,look like a team who just do not give a toss.We,the supporters do not expect miracles.But a little effort would be nice on the field please chaps.My vocal cords can't stand up to it you see.

The days of Pike,Bonds,Cross,Martin,Di Caneo,Devonshire etc,etc seem a long while ago.But it was still a good day out with mates I've known for Donkeys Years,who I only see at football.As I've said before, I gave up my season ticket about 6 years or so ago at the age of 34.Far to many games are played now in the Premiership,at daft kick off times.To cater for the likes of Man Utd,Chelsea,Arsenal fans who follow at home with a pizza, in a club strip having a wank over the analysis of that terminal bore Andy Gray.

Only downside,being in Villa Park was like spending an afternoon in the company of Carl Salter,only the 30,000 odd were quieter than him. ;-)

So that's is it.We were shit on Saturday so lets hope it improves at home to Bolton this weekend.?Though I'll be out fishing instead,as that game appeals like a boil on my "Harris".

Monty D


  1. Talking of having a wank, there i was having one on the sofa the other day and the tossers in DFS called the police...................

    I will get my coat!

  2. Don't worry too much Monty, you get to play the Baggies twice so points are assured ;-)

    Come on you Reds!

  3. I resent that remark! I NEVER eat pizza whilst watching footy. It's always tortilla chips and chilli dip.

  4. You three,go and play with your Lego ;-)

  5. I'll get my 'XXL' black n gold shirt ironed and ready for you mate.......


  6. Scuba,

    "XXL" you cheeky fucker.I'm hardly of the girth as yow old boy.