Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ask Monty

While on the river this evening for a short two hour spell,I felt sad for the BS(no honest).They have a new segment on there utterly bustling forum.Infact one question has been asked thus far by Steve Webster,posted by Fred.On the 18/08/10 at 20.41 and abley answeard by Pete Reading a whole eight minutes later at 20.49.


Now I can't offer the level of expterise on the BS forum.Or indeed a quick response like the BS offer(unless it's a little like Pips question on the BS juinors,then it get's locked).;-0.It may take a day or two.

But please ask away.Oh and "Mystery Guest",you know my view mate.And I never had you down as a mug.Any questions you like please ask Monty.But no attacks on people who read this blog,but do not post on it.I thank you.

Monty D

PS Steve the Otter on the Kennet,kill the fucking thing,eh? Crouch would ;-)


  1. Not moderating what's posted, are we Monty?
    Well I;ll be buggered and fancy that.

  2. Moderating is the new black or so i've heard :-)


  3. "You fancy what?"

    Being buggered of course.
    What is a BS?

  4. Otter,

    The BS are a single species group,with a few waters in the Midlands and 'Oop Narrtth.They have a few members and would you care to join ?

  5. I deleted in error a question about a syndicate I belong to.What I will say is that yes I think it is worth the money.It's mostly quiet and a nice place to fish.No more no less.You pay your money you makes a choice.