Tuesday, 31 August 2010

'Ark At Her

I see the Harry "The Bung" is getting defensive in his old age ? But 'Arry you love to be known as a "Wheeler Dealer" ? You and your Sandra,your Jamie all talking on the "Dog and Bone".Gaw blimey guv,games a life of chances.

You were born a wanker,you live as a wanker and you'll die a wanker.

Glad I got this off me chest,before commuting into work ;-)

Monty D


  1. Sometimes the truth hurts :-)

  2. Dave,

    His always been a snidey wrong'un.Saggy Chops,Bung Takeing mug.He always wanted to ne known as a "Jack The Lad","Duck and Dive","Bares Bones" etc,etc.So why he moans,I do not know. ?

  3. Montgomery, you are a very naughty boy using such language on an open forum.

    As your older sister i feel compelled to admonish you in front of your peers.

    Your always Allegra Dalrymple-Smythe

  4. Are you the Allegra who'd do a turn for a bag of crisps and a pickled egg in the Nag's Head?

  5. IF it is JAA then the Nag's wasn't the only place


  6. Yeah, I remember her...

    Known as Tiger Lil from Shooters Hill.

  7. not to kid on that born again yid then mont lol

  8. Ah yes:

    Old Tiger Lil from Shooters Hill
    Mostly she lived by her wits,
    But if she was starving,
    For thruppence two farthing,
    She'd willingly show you her

  9. ...wares.

    Don't know what happened there, the post got truncated.

  10. You could say that.Anway I'm off fishing in about half an hour,so those who are at work today.I'll think of you.