Friday, 13 August 2010

Ahh Stuff It I've Been Good All Month

I'm not long back from a few pints in the local and the Yat Phone has rung-again.

"Monty have a look at the BS homepage,the blog link"

Well I have and well I'm shocked and I quote " Join the Barbel Society today and enjoy real Barbel fishing !"I wonder who loves the use of an exclamation mark and who thought this jolly wheeze up ? ;-)

So all of us hundreds of people who enjoy fishing for Barbel,and are not doing it "real".This is for us, as we are not worthy to fish for the species without being within the warm embrace of the BS.

Good going guy's and a great way to attract new members ;-)

Monty D


  1. Monty,
    Why worry about being good? The BS is dead on its feet run by a self centred megalomaniac control freak.
    The more barbel anglers who get the message out to the unknowing that the BS is no more than a Steve Pope me club the better and the sooner the membership will wake up to this fact. All the BS is doing at present is feeding Pope‘s ego and his new blog and guiding business.
    The BS is not the voice of all barbel anglers and never has been it is the voice of one Steve Pope as no one else has ever had the chance to voice an opinion on anything. If they did voice an opinion they were soon undermined and ousted from the committee.

  2. Old hat
    It's been on there for a least a year Monty

  3. Annon,

    Old Hat ? Perhaps It's just me,but what in essence has the BS go to do with "Real Barbel Fishing".Made me chuckle though.

  4. I can imagine in "the day" the BS had a good say in most things barbel Monty old chap but that "day" was a very long time ago.

    It is funny, everything changes in life, me you, the rivers and ponds we fish, the landscape in which they are set and indeed the river into which we cast a line but one thing that has never changed and that is the BS chairman, that in itself is a worrying thought.

    If he truly believes he is the best man for the job then who are we to try and change that belief, it has been tried and it has failed many a time before. The best we can do is to stay away until things change to what we as individuals feel is the right time to add our names back to the membership when a new leader is elected.

    How did SP get to the position he is in.................. answers on a postcard if you must.

  5. Tom,

    There is a meeting as you know on September the 11th.A chap we both know who is an ex-committee man, has been asked to go along to offer an alternative view.

    He knows my views anyhows.I could not really give a toss either way.Just like taking the piss ;-)

  6. Could real barbel fishing just be different to pond barbel fishing?

  7. "How did SP get into the position he is in"
    Simple by undermining Andy Orme who was and has been the only the “ELECTED” chairman, and then after Andy resigned getting himself "Co-opted" onto the committee and has been there ever since. He has also seen off any one who wanted change by the same tactics, usually done via phone calls to other committee men thus leaving the said individuals isolated.
    You could ask most of the ex-committee men I am sure they know what I mean.

  8. Personally, I've never been a fan of these single species societies. A place for like minded people to interact, share ideas and information....yawn. Maybe before the arrival of the internet these groups had some relevence.At the end of the day though. I'll just leave the politics to the egomaniacs and go fishing.

  9. Gurn,

    Wise words.I am though a member of the P.A.C.Pike are still viewed by many as the "Devils Spawn".A few years back I was a member of a club,who had a baliff who advocated killing all Pike caught on the river.I was planning to write to the club,to express my concern.But It was suggested to me,it may be better joining the P.A.C,as to enable me to get some more leverage,if need be.And I do think they do some sterling work.

    As for the BS,Pete Reading "knows his onions".I was member,but at present it is not for me.And doubt it will be for some time.

  10. I supported the BS in many ways for many years.

    But recent events have led me to believe that
    it will never be representative of owt whilst it's not a democratic Society.

    It's continued losses of good people and members tell all.

    Too many of my good friends have been ousted by the leader because of their beliefs for it to be pure coincidence. How many Secretarys have gone in the past 5 years? I make it 6.

    I think it's a big mistake for Monty's pal to offer an alternative view...because WE all know nothing can change while its ruled as it is and it'll just be lip service for a bit, meanwhile to them he will just be another "Name" to list in support of them.

    They still have a few good people like Pete Reading, and if they didn't they would be finished.

    Lets hope there is a genuine, democratic alternative before too long.


  11. "If" Steve Pope cannot give up the reigns due to no one else being suitable or good enough, then just what the hell are all those on the committee doing there ?

    The "mystery guest" is there purely for cosmetic purposes and at the end of the day promises will be made and broken, phone calls will be made and hey ho it carries on just the same.

    Bit clueless really looks like another long season.


  12. Graham and Martin,some good points.Clueless is this West Ham or ........... ? ;-0

  13. And Monty.

    If it's the VERY nice pal who offered to do the job he's now being offered before.........It would be an idea for him to ask " Who were the between 3 and 5 people offered this job before you came back to me???"

  14. He does read this blog,so I'm sure he will take what has been posted on here, into consideration ?