Tuesday, 31 August 2010

'Ark At Her

I see the Harry "The Bung" is getting defensive in his old age ? But 'Arry you love to be known as a "Wheeler Dealer" ? You and your Sandra,your Jamie all talking on the "Dog and Bone".Gaw blimey guv,games a life of chances.

You were born a wanker,you live as a wanker and you'll die a wanker.

Glad I got this off me chest,before commuting into work ;-)

Monty D

Monday, 30 August 2010

Well So Long Summer

God that went quick did it not ? Was it good for you too ? I can feel Mrs.Monty bristle at that question,as I have never asked her that post coitus.Just rolled over and went to sleep,it's a man thing,eh ?

I've had some nice Barbel,river Carp and a nice Perch on my only Perch session so far his season.I know I should not wish away the season,but next summer If I'm still about god willing, well you never know when the grim reaper may pop up,I'll be after river Carp more.I simply love them,some say they have no place in a river system,I beg to differ.If there is an angling Nirvana lake wise for crafty old Carp.Please let me know.But I can't be arsed to compete with "Bivvy Tramps".That's just a wee tongue in cheek remark,as most Carp anglers I know are very fine fisherman.But time does not allow me to "Bivvy Up" these days.That and my back.

Anyway the nights are getting cooler and soon I'll step out the front door off to work,and smell that smell in the air.That signifies Autumn.You all know it I'm sure ?It's hard to explain,but it's just an Autumn smell ?

So now my mind is on Pike,Perch and Roach.Sure a few Barbel trips to.But with high pressure due for a while I think next weekend will be Perch.I blanked today on the Carp front,so will leave them in peace now until next June.Thanks chaps you have giving me some great and exciting fishing this summer.And keep well ;-).Oh and I can't ever forget the Unicorn and other wood and stream animals earlier on in the summer.That's just for you Stewie ;-)

I hope to be down here very shortly,but we shall see ?Maybe a big old Roach will take pity on me ? Not had one over two pounds,since the 88/89 season.As a mere "pickney" of 18.

So that is that.Another summer gone,and time waits for no man not even Monty.I hope you all look forward to the Autumn as much as I,as it is the best time to walk the banks.

Monty D

PS The Pakistan,back 'ander,bung and betting drama in the Cricket.I bet Harry Redknapp had a word in there shell like ?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Four Hours

I popped out today for fours hours, after a late summer Carp from a river I frequent.I'm not really a fan of fishing on a Sunday,as most places are at there most busy on the sabbath.Normally If I do fish on a Sunday It's a dawn start and home before the girls get up.Today was a late start for me anyhow as the girls are away until tomorrow evening.

No fish were showing on the top ,as it has been pretty chilly at night,couple this with a gusty northerly wind today, I thought I would lay on with corn.I fed about six handfuls of corn an about six handfuls of small pellets.Choosing an area with no flow,more akin to a lake really.I pulled out of a fish early on as I held it to hard to keep it away from some trialling willow bows.Bollocks.

Sat back and had a smoke,fed some more bait then cast out.Half hour later the float moved away and I hooked into this little thing.

A stern little fight and I was happy to get such a pristine fish from the river,not weighed obviously,but a nice fish all the same.I'll be back out on Monday to have another go,and I hope the banks will be more quiet ?You can't beat in my eyes small river Carp fishing It's great fun.

Now to this.......................

These flyer's were all over various trees,now that the BS are about to go on a recruitment drive.This is Mr.Frampton the new BS,RC man.I'm glad to see you got your hair cut,at my behest Rich.

Smile Rich it is only a joke,I know you moaned when It was put on the BS forum last Christmas.Good work the Otter man ;-)

Monty D

PS For JAA,going for a pint or two now mate as It's a Sunday.;-)

Saturday, 28 August 2010

For Scuba AKA The Bard of Bridgenorth


Could not resist this after Leroy posted from beyond the grave.Leroy you made me laugh,and after getting beat 3-0 by Man Utd I could do with a laugh.

For anyone else who wonders what on earth this blog is all about.Don't ask me I lost the "Will" to live along time ago.And I can't just can't do the run of the mill angling stuff.I've said before many out there do it far better than I,and give a real insight to how they fish.Where as I,just like to have a laugh.

Monty D

Friday, 27 August 2010

New Angling Superstar ?

Who and where will our next angling superstar come from ? I grew up watching Jack Hargraves as did many others.Then it was the programme "Hooked",that used to be on BBC 2 midweek,that my Dad hated to watch.Only one television per house in those days.

Then times moved on,we had John Wilson,Passion for Angling,Matt and Mick.A whole host of other angling writers have produced good quality DVD,s.Bob Roberts,Chris "The Chin" Ponsford,Rob and Guy etc,etc.But who will be the star for the years to come ?

I think I may have found someone to fill the void.I spotted this late last night after a few hours on the river.This guy has the brooding screen presence of a young Marlon Brando.The handsome jawline of a young Rock Hudson.And the voice of Barry from Auf Wiedershen Pet.Step forward to a huge drum roll( I said drum,not bacon calm down mate) to my midland contact The Bard of Bridgenorth.What a spot from up here on Yat Rock,you crafty old bugger.He is a natural in front of the camera,is he not ?

I'm not sure how much you paid Lol Breakspear to appear in this epic ? But he looks petrified.I bet he was thinking..."I don't get this hassle when fishing with Steve Pope"Now the Bard is out Zander fishing at the moment so will not see this for a while.Will he smile ? Not sure ;-)

As for me, I fished for a few hours yesterday evening for a couple of Chub,and will be back out for a proper session over the weekend.The rivers are looking in good "nick" down here and I'm not sure where I will end up yet ?

Enjoy your weekend gent's and I hope you get your rod bent If you are out.I'm off for a pint or two as It's a Friday.

Monty D

PS The story of the baby in the press today,who was born still born.And his mother held him for two hours and miraculously started to breath,after the nursing staff said he was dead.What a cracking bit of good news to start the weekend that.Brilliant.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Close But No Cigar

Well we yet again were very poor last night.Avram Grant will have his work cut out this season,keeping us up.What with the proliferation of knocking shops around Upton Park too,he could be pulled all over the place ?

But this man came to mine and I guess the Barbel Society's salvation, deep into injury time.He scored and ran directly over to me screaming this.I'll admit I had a tear in my eye Scott,for saving me from a fate worse than death.

Ta mate,and I'll buy you a pint next time you visit Yat Rock.

Monty D

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Carling Cup

Right I'm off to Upton Park shortly for our match tonight against Oxford United.It's only a "Cock an Hen" for adults and a "Jacks" for kids.It was this time last season that we played our mates Millwall,in the same round.But the less said about that the better.Actually know,I'll change my mind.That well known media ponce Harry "The Bung" Redknapp said after that game,that us and Millwall should never play each other again.Harry your a proper prick you really suck up to the media in a big way.And you get a soft ride from the media,for playing up to the "Cockney Geezer" persona.Cunt!Don't be offended I mean it.Still If we go down this season and Millwall don't get promoted,who knows ? We may get to meet up for tea and cake again ?

If we do not win tonight,a forfeit is in order.It has been suggested that I rejoin the Barbel Society,now that change is at hand.And I have accepted.

Oh and Carlton,miss a penalty tonight you dopey prick and your out son ;-)

Monty D

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Natural England

What do you or I know about the organisation that is Natural England ? I will be honest now, until this week I did not know or care to much about them.Sure you hear the name mentioned a lot,but I did not really pick up on the ramifications to us as anglers, until the Autumn edition of the PAC magazine Pikelines arrived at home on Monday.

Chris Bishop has written a very good article,on how they may have a very large say on how we fish or go about our pastime,in the coming years.Who is Chris Bishop ? Well he is the Pike Anglers Club,Press Officer.The PAC and Chris used the "Freedom of information Laws" to uncover a paper trail of policy papers.That may and I say may at present,cause us as anglers, to completely change the way we fish.Not just for Pike,but all species.Access to waters,sharing our waters with other pastimes,turfing anglers off to make way for bird watches and picnic tables.

I'll say here and now, this may not come to fruition.But we the angler must be aware of what may happen.What can you do at present ? Not an awful lot to be honest,but make your clubs and society's,know of what Natural England wish to do.As you are reading this Natural England's proposals are about to go to consultation.

A quote that really stood out for me was this......."I can imagine that many CO's have no idea the problems anglers can cause and don't even consider them when formulating management plans.However,I don't think this rationale for the policy is one we'd want written down in a public document as it wouldn't make us look very good". That was penned by Stephen Arnott of Natural England's Policy Team.That to me speaks volumes of the struggle we may be in for,in the ensuing years ?

You can read a large chunk of Chris Bishops article on the PAC website,via the link on this blog.Go to the "Latest News" and scroll down until you get to the "Exposed" entry and it may give you a taste of what we are up against.

Well done "Bish" some cracking work mate.It's looking tough at present as I think the Notts Wildlife Trust,have banned angling on 64 out of the 65 waters it controls.Where and when next ?

As for today,had five hours on the river for one small Chub,while fishing for Barbel.First time on this river,for Barbel this season.Like "Arnie" I'll be back.

Monty D

Friday, 20 August 2010

A Bit Of Fun....Are You Middle Class ?

Here are Ten Tell-Tale Signs.

1.You went to Eton
2.You were a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford
3.You are a direct descendant of William IV
4.You are the 8th cousin of Boris Johnson
5.You are married to the daughter of a Baronet and Viscountess
6.You are the son of a wealthy stockbroker and Justice of the Peace
7.You're a millionaire several times over.
8.You made an expense claim for "cutting back wisteria" at one of your agreeable homes.
9.You suffer from Tennis Elbow
10.You are a member of the Barbel Society.

I would like to point out I did not make this up,for fear of being accused of plagiarism.;-)

Another week gone,and It's nearly Christmas.My tackle is all set for a few hours on the river tomorrow.I'll try and post a serious subject over the weekend and one that is a threat to all our angling.I'm now off for a few pints seeing as it is Friday.

If you are fishing this weekend,enjoy it.

Monty D

PS Last of the Summer Wine finishes this Sunday,will you be watching it ?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ask Monty

While on the river this evening for a short two hour spell,I felt sad for the BS(no honest).They have a new segment on there utterly bustling forum.Infact one question has been asked thus far by Steve Webster,posted by Fred.On the 18/08/10 at 20.41 and abley answeard by Pete Reading a whole eight minutes later at 20.49.


Now I can't offer the level of expterise on the BS forum.Or indeed a quick response like the BS offer(unless it's a little like Pips question on the BS juinors,then it get's locked).;-0.It may take a day or two.

But please ask away.Oh and "Mystery Guest",you know my view mate.And I never had you down as a mug.Any questions you like please ask Monty.But no attacks on people who read this blog,but do not post on it.I thank you.

Monty D

PS Steve the Otter on the Kennet,kill the fucking thing,eh? Crouch would ;-)

Well Done Darling

I see Mr.Berridge has posted of his daughter Beth's,success in her A level results today and I thought I would follow suit.

My little "Baby Bakes" managed an AAB in her results and will be off in the Autumn to read Law(very handy that).I'll admit to a wee tear in my eye today,only small mind ;-).Well done darling and it's been a pleasure seeing you grow from a shy 14 year old to a confident young women of 18.Sure I'm not your real Dad and never have pretended to be.But I love you very,very much ,as you know.

How I'll cope without Mary J Blige,Kings of Leon,Beyonce et al blaring out I'll never know.Taking various phone messages,while your on your mobile(we need to work out an hourly rate for being your male secretary).Dirty dishes and cups being left in the sink as we all know they are self cleaning.And much more besides.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,you have earned it.And you know I'm always at the end of the phone when you leave home.

I know you will be mortified when you read this,it's called karma ;-)

Monty D XXX

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Two Tone Lives

Some sad new came into the Yat Phone today............

News just in...A certain guiding,blogging,single species group Chairman nearly fell from the banks of the river Kennet early today.When he heard a fishing news item about the demise of someone called "Two Tone".It is believed he thought the news item related to his arch Internet enemy,known as "Two Canes".The sad bit is he did not actually fall in.:-)

Don't shoot the messenger and thank you for the text.

You see folks Two Tone Lives On.

Monty D

Monday, 16 August 2010

Away Days

Last week I did say I would give an honest appraisal of how my lot West Ham,would do this season.After out first game away at the Villa last Saturday.

And It's going to be another long,long season.Villa were far superior to us all over the park on Saturday.Rob Green looks like a rabbit caught in some car headlights.Now I've seen some poor sides over at our "Gaff" during the last 30 years or so.But last season and the start of this,look like a team who just do not give a toss.We,the supporters do not expect miracles.But a little effort would be nice on the field please chaps.My vocal cords can't stand up to it you see.

The days of Pike,Bonds,Cross,Martin,Di Caneo,Devonshire etc,etc seem a long while ago.But it was still a good day out with mates I've known for Donkeys Years,who I only see at football.As I've said before, I gave up my season ticket about 6 years or so ago at the age of 34.Far to many games are played now in the Premiership,at daft kick off times.To cater for the likes of Man Utd,Chelsea,Arsenal fans who follow at home with a pizza, in a club strip having a wank over the analysis of that terminal bore Andy Gray.

Only downside,being in Villa Park was like spending an afternoon in the company of Carl Salter,only the 30,000 odd were quieter than him. ;-)

So that's is it.We were shit on Saturday so lets hope it improves at home to Bolton this weekend.?Though I'll be out fishing instead,as that game appeals like a boil on my "Harris".

Monty D

Friday, 13 August 2010

Ahh Stuff It I've Been Good All Month

I'm not long back from a few pints in the local and the Yat Phone has rung-again.

"Monty have a look at the BS homepage,the blog link"

Well I have and well I'm shocked and I quote " Join the Barbel Society today and enjoy real Barbel fishing !"I wonder who loves the use of an exclamation mark and who thought this jolly wheeze up ? ;-)

So all of us hundreds of people who enjoy fishing for Barbel,and are not doing it "real".This is for us, as we are not worthy to fish for the species without being within the warm embrace of the BS.

Good going guy's and a great way to attract new members ;-)

Monty D


I arrived at a club water today at 07.15 to try out my new addition to my rod collection and also to try for a few late summer Perch.I've not actually fished this particular beat since March 2008,though it does hold some nice Perch.I took a little stroll and it has changed a fair amount,since when I last fished here.Lots of new snaggy swims and tree cover.In fact I hardly fished for Perch at all last season as most of the winter was given over to river Pike fishing.And that was a hard struggle from December until the close.That's the problem,for me anyhow and I realise it is a cliche,but some many different styles of fishing and not enough time.

I tackled up and started to fish just after 08.00,deciding to "lay on" with lob worms.But after 10 minutes my bait was getting smashed to bits by Minnows.So a change of plan was in order.I caught some Minnows very quickly and they were to be the bait.Not many Pike here at all,so no need for a wire trace.I fished 4lbs line straight through to a size 10 'ook.

Here is the rod awaiting a bite.

Ten minutes later the float skid across the river and I was into my first Perch for a while.At first it wanted to get under the near bank,then moved out across this narrow section of river and tried to get under a Willow tree.Side strain stopped that happening,the fish then hit the top and looked a good fish.They always look so good in the water.Shortly after the fish was in the net,big smile on my mush I'll tell ya.

I weighed it in bang on 3lbs.But I've since checked my scales, that I take Perch fishing when I got home and they are weighing two ounces over.So I'll settle for 2.14 I should not be to down hearted,but I'll admit to feeling a little like that.I'd love a 4lb Perch this season having come close in the last few years.But I guess that will be down to luck ?

I had two more Perch before I packed up at around 12.30,both were around 2lbs I guess but did not feel the need to weigh them.So a nice start to this seasons Perch fishing and the rod was a joy to use.I did though get this text from a mate,around 08.30...."Bet Treebeards thinking 'fer fooks sake,i prefer being hung on a wall in the dry to being out in this monsoon with this cack handed coont".It did make me laugh.But it was not raining where I was,but started when I left the river.Hows that for good luck ?

That's it now until next week on the fishing front.

So enjoy your weekend and if you out on the bank,enjoy it.

Monty D

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Just So You Know

OK lads plenty of you have been trying to fathom out, where and from whom I bought this rod from.It's no state secret and I've just checked with the vendor if it was OK to put this up.

It's not really hard to guess though.Tony Rocca or as some know him Tony2Canes sold it to me.At a decent price and at "mates rates".Now I've known of this rod for a while now,but Tony was never in a mind to sell it.But I did ask on more than one occasion if and when he did,may I have first offer ?

The last couple of weeks we have had a little banter about this and that,as you do.The rod has been thrown back and fourth in conversation.I last Sunday was looking online at a few MKIV Avons,and sent Tony a cheeky e-mail asking how much he wanted for the rod.

He let me know,and more or less told me the rod would be on it's way to Surrey,from Scunny this week.I was taken a little by suprise and I did make sure he was OK with letting it go.Tony,wanted it to be used and knew I'd not only use it,but also look after it.As I am a fastidious sort when cleaning my tackle(Just ask Mrs Monty) ;-).

And that is that.Without going to over the top I owe Tony a huge debt of grattitude,for the price and letting me get my hands on it.And to think people think his a .........Na I won't even go there.

Here is a slightly better picture than the three I took yesterday.It's already to go in the morning.

Once again I doff my cap Tone.

Monty D

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Meet Treebeard

Well here is my new rod.Well not really new in the age stakes,but he arrived here about an hour ago.It's an original B.James&Son MKIV Avon,with not a mark on it.It's not got the merest blemish on the varnish.

Rings and agates are perfect.And the cork handle has never had a reel sit upon it.He now has his own name as my other cane rods all have a name.He shall now be known hence fourth as Treebeard.Here are a few quick photos I've just taken.

And Treebeard will have his first ever fishing outing on Friday for Perch.

I am chuffed to bit's.It's simply stunning and shall be used for my Perch,Roach and Chub fishing.And a little float fishing for Tench next Spring.

Monty D

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Soaked To My Bollocks

Left for a more local river to me around mid morning, with it peeing down with rain.Arrive at said river and park up my mates van,sally fourth after a quick cup of tea or if your from the Midlands a "Kippa Tie".With these words ringing in my ears "Monty what about your brolly mate ?" "Na won't need it mate the rain is done for the day"

I set off downstream about a mile and a half from my mate,settle in a swim and cast out.My first Barbel of the day is in the net with in ten minutes.It's over cast,it's humid and with the pressure dropping I can't fail ?

Wrong,on two counts.It then started to rain,then rain some more.Me being me thought "Ahh bollocks I'll be alright it will stop in a second".Three hours later around 14.00 hrs I walked upstream to the van,got the brolly and walked back.But by now the damage had been done.Soaked through.Fished through until 18.45 for not another bite,since the first cast.

Low pressure,rain and humid.No thank you give me sun and more sun,just like the good Doctor Stef recommends.

Moving on.......By Thursday I hope to have in my grubby mitts, an original MKIV Avon that has never seen the bank side in it's life.Never had a reel on it,or so I'm told.The vendor tells me "Mint It's fooking brand new son".And I trust him.If I get it Thursday it will be taken out Perch fishing on Friday, to show him/her how much I covert this lovely stick.I'll also post some photo's up to.

To the vendor,I thank you.

Monty D as ever will now have a beer.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Happy Monday ?

Monday blues kicked in yet ? Fed up being in the office,factory floor of where ever else you ply your trade ?I hope this puts a smile on your face ?

It's a real and not a spoof knock up at all.I've had this a while and It's very funny IMO.Read this homeboyyyyyyyy.

Monty D

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Monty Invades The Compound

Myself and two mates fished the Compound Weir on the Royalty yesterday and It was hard,slow and low.In fact lower than I have ever seen it.Left home at around 05.40 and arrived in Christchurch at around 07.10.A nice poodle down the motorway with very little traffic on the road.It's just a shame that's it's 90 minutes and not an hour as It's just that little to be to far to go every week.

Anyway Yessling fished over the Salmon Hut side of the pool and had over 50 Dace(Now safely in my freezer for winter Pike baits) only kidding.Along with Perch and Roach.Old man Gruffalow had a large Bream that he confided in me,he wished he had weighed.As he said , and read these words in a Donnie Accent "You know what son I wish I had fecking weighed that,it would have been a PB.But you pair of bastards would have taken the right fecking piss". To be honest I'm hurt.Gruff also had Dace and some nice Roach.

Now me ? Well shit for brains 'ere stuck it out for Barbel.I started off in "Jacks" and fished two rods,but did not have a touch.And by lunchtime the rods were getting battered by weed,so moved around a little.I had my one and only bite of the day at 16.30.Barbel on and was happy,showing my prowess to the two "Bit Bashes" on the other side.But disaster struck,as I was getting ready to the net the fish It had one last little dash and got it's head in a weed bed.I tried to pull it back that little to hard and ping.......Hook pulled.The phrase I uttered would make a "Fish Wife" blush.Now this is the first Barbel I've lost in ages and to loose one on the Avon,well I was not happy.When I picked my self up off the ground,the two "mates" were in bits,crying with laughter.Wankers the pair of 'em.I blame the carbon rod and baitrunner thingy I were using.Never would have pulled out with a 'pin and cane combi.;-)

And that were it.Yessling left at 18.00 as he had a long drive back to the Forrest of Dean where he resides.Lovely to see you mate,and I'll see you in October.But where were the bottles of Butty Bach you left for me last year ?

Gruff and I left at 19.00 and no more fish played ball.Though two Salmon anglers walked through the pool at 18.15.I'll have to check with Davis Tackle about this.Not sure if they should have waited until we had left ?Gruff thanks for all the driving mate.It's really appreciated ;-).

Here are some pictures.

As you can see It's very low indeed.And it will need some substantial rain before things improve.Still Bistern opens next month so I'll get back down for that eh Gruff ?

You can make the photo's larger by clicking on them.Mrs Montys birthday today so I'll be doing exactly as I'm told,when I'm told.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Monty D

Friday, 6 August 2010

A Bit Of A Ramble

Firstly this in the photo below.If any of you have perused Barbel Fatwa World today you will understand.Now I know all round good guy and "Head Honcho" Bob Gill looks in at times.So Bob I'm on my knees here now (Steady old boy I do not need one of your rods that badly) ;-),get your big moderator stick out and start waving it about.You know it makes sense.I mean come on guys ?

Also another thing that's got me perplexed.The issue of "Man Bags".Now is this just a soft southern poof thing ?Or do "men" and I use the term loosely use these all over the country ? I'm at a loss as to why anyone over the age of 16 wants to carry a satchel around with them ? Answers please to Yat Rock If you will.

I'll be on the famous Royalty Fishery this weekend and those kind people at Davis Tackle have organised a little soiree,for me.This will take place on the Cinder Path around 08.00hrs.And will either be me signing autographs or getting a thump.Depends on how you view this blog ?I'll be the one dressed like an Victorian Elephant hunter,with a pipe and a deer stalker.I was going to mention the new Sherlock Holmes,but Bob Roberts beat me to it.Thank you Bob :-(

Lastly a little bit of music from the Who.Great song this one of there best IMO.

If your out fishing this weekend,I hope you catch the fish of your dreams.

Monty D

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Footballs Back

Monty's hints and tips for the coming Football Season.....

Premier League Winners-Chelsea again I reckon and I think "Yossi" will do a really good job for them this season.They can be backed at 11/8.Stan James are offering a good bet to the maximum of £250.00, that if Man City win the Prem and you have backed another side you get your money back.

Relegation.Wolves,Baggies and Newcastle.

Championship-I'll be backing Notts Forest to win it at 8/1, as I think they will sort there away form out this season ?

Relegation-Doncaster Rovers(Sorry Bob),Millwall and Swansea.

First Division-Champions I fancy Southampton but will not back them at 5/2.But Charlton may be worth a punt at 14/1.

Relegation- Dagenham and Redbridge,Leyton Orient and Exeter.

I've not looked at the rest to be honest,but any thing I've posted above, is no doubt all "cobblers" like most stuff on here ?

How will my lot West Ham do ? I'll let you know after out first game away at the Villa,on Saturday week.I'm looking forward to a day out up there,and will probably make a dozen or so games this season.In truth I wish we had gone down last year, as Sky dictate to many "spoof" kick off times.

What would I like to see ? Spurs get sweet "FA".Harry "the bung" Redknapp get banged up for tax evasion.Another cup tie with Millwall would be a bonus,as last years was good.Chelsea not win the Champions League would be good too.Not to much to ask is it ?

Back to fishing......Had three hours on the river after work yesterday, near to home and had a handfull of Dace and a few small Chub.My trotting skills need an awful lot of work, If I'm going to try for a big Roach this season.But It's fun trying and that's what It's all about.

Monty D

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Spotted Today From Yat Rock

While drinking my morning coffee upon high on Yat Rock, I first heard in the distance a very loud "Brummie" type voice....."Korum,Korum,Korum,Korum" was the cry.On picking up my binoculars I spied a brand spanking new EA battle cruiser(paid for out of our rod licence money no doubt) being skipperd by who ?On the Lower Severn.

None other than Chris "The Pons" Ponsford,all round ego driven,narcissistic,big chinned angling demi- god.Chris a word of advice.You are not going to catch many license dodgers down that way.May I suggest a trip to BridgEnorth ?It's a whole hot bed of filth and scum.Or are you scared of confrontation ? ;-)

Also spotted this afternoon was this fellow.Who do we know who has just brought a nice bike ?Not just any bike but a 1972 Triumph Bonneville(Cue jokes of Tony climbing all over Fred) ;-)

Here he is picking up Fay for a run out into the country.

Way to go 'El Presidente.

Right I'm off to trot a float for a few hours before I cook dinner.

Monty D

Monday, 2 August 2010

And So It Came To Pass

New BS FORUM.........

"This board is for discussing tackle,tactics,barbel and barbel fishing topics"

"Any issue relating to the management of the Society must be directed to the committee through the contact details listed above"

"We thank you for your co-operation and hope that the new board encourages members to talk about barbel fishing"

Thank You

"Der Management"

So there you go guys,play nice now.And do not dare ask a topical question on the BS forum,or you will get thrashed.Monty's gaze will now be directed elsewhere as it's to easy.Though a mate of mine fished on the Thames with Pete Reading last week (another ex-committee man)and said without Pete "they would be fooked".And I agree ;-)

"All the threads have been closed down"
"This place is coming like a Ghost Town"
"To much fighting on the forum"
"Steve won't play no moorrreeeeeee"

I could not upload the original video as It's encrypted the sods.

Onwards and Upwards you BS folk,and fly higher than you ever have before.

Monty D

Sunday, 1 August 2010

For You BS Guys

I've heard a really good thread has been pulled today ? Do not dare ask any pertinent questions.Or you will be cast aside.Steve what have you to hide ?Fuck me It's so hilarious it is untrue.

Don't look to close though eh lads ? Or you will be sucked in,look into my eyes etc,etc.

Monty D

Change Of Plan

So where were we ? Oh back to fishing as I would not like this blog, to be seen as an "Bash The BS " blog.Though I do not think I really bash 'em.Just take the piss,as I do out of myself and others.But they do make it sooooooooo easy.

So anyway the girls and I have been to see Toy Story Three ,and I have paid for lunch and they are zooming across Surrey to go to IKEA.Are women not mad ?So I can "pop" this up.

The trip to the Estate Lake was called off late Friday night,sad but a midweek trip next week is on the cards.So two of us headed across country again to fish for Barbel.And It was a hard and dour struggle.

We fished from 06.30 until just after 19.00 hrs.I had four Barbel and my mate had three.Not a fish after 14.30.Now as ever I roamed about all day,just sitting on a mat,while my mate more or less fished static.I had one of those "Click 'ometer thingys on" and I covered around six miles up and downstream.And I was knacked by the end.

I only managed one fish per swim and I cast into about sixteen swims.One swim, I had a fish first cast,put a bait back out and the rod were pulling etc.More fish from here Monty I thought.Nope an Adder,I kid you not slid over my rucksack,followed by one more.In the words of all Leeds fans RUN (Sorry Rob) ;-).

I could have fished the old "Caster and Hemp" way.But sitting in one swim in the summer is not for me.Even though It does produce.But fishing a swim that's a "Banker" is boring I'm afraid,I like to try and catch from new swims.Here is a photo from yesterday,no need to photo any of the fish I caught though.As they were all between I guess five and six pound.?

See that not a crossed word or piss take.And let's hope August brings us love and harmony ?

Lastly go and see Toy Story Three,It's not just a kids film to be honest.Many have watched the first two,but this is different class.I had a HUGE lump in my throat at the end.And my 18 year old stepdaughter said "Call yerself facking West Ham ?".OK she did not,but we three were all moved.

Monty D a much kinder person in August.

PS I'm not really worried about "Followers",but to the 11 anonymous chaps,why ?Are you ashamed to read this blog ?Or is it a grubby secret like a porn mag ?.Just wondered like.